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Who Knew There Were Others Like Me?

About a week ago a friend of mine added me to a new group on Facebook. It’s a group of Health minded moms who are working hard to create healthy families. This wasn’t the first time I joined a “healthy” group like this, and so I wasn’t really expecting that much. The last group I was added to was also for Jewish folks, who wanted to cook healthy and such but ehh. Often times I find a similar thing with so-called healthy cooking magazines where the recipes are “lightened” up but still a far cry from truly being healthy. But I suppose as long as we are trying and doing the best we can, then we are on the right track. Hey, it’s not like I’m miss perfect either!

However, this new Facebook group has completely astounded me. We’re talking hard-core crunchy granola moms!!! In fact, I’m beginning to feel like the bad one since I’m not THAT strict when it comes to organics and natural products! But it is incredibly refreshing to join in conversations that I can add my comments (things I’ve learned or picked up along the way) and hear other peoples experiences and ideas as well.

The truth is that very often I feel like an outsider when it comes to my health ideologies. That I take herbs instead of antibiotics or that I visit chiropractors and naturopaths instead of medical doctors. The fact that I try hard to eat as fresh as possible because I sincerely believe that our government regulated industries are causing detriment to the nutritional value of our food (i.e controlling farms, GMO production, etc) So often times, when I’m with friends or family, I tend to keep quiet about the weird things I do, or eat.

I had FINALLY convinced my sister in law to taste my freshly juiced Wheatgrass and she spit it out saying it tasted like Moose balls …. (Or something like that) So you can see that often I feel like the Salmon (or Goldfish Smile) swimming upstream amongst the mainstream swimmers. I’m not complaining. I always was the one who enjoyed going my own way and doing my own thang but generally I tend to water down the things I tell people and keep the details to a minimum.

So I must say that this new Facebook group is really quite wonderful. Sure, I have many acquaintances that are health minded like me …. People who I’ve met online, or through my Doctors, but finding a group of Jewish women, all who were raised in the same type of system as me, and all who are looked upon as a bit “nutty,” well, it’s really enlightening to feel at home amongst these women.

No, I wasn’t paid to advertise, but if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to add a little more natural to your life, then I highly recommend the Healthy Homes for Jewish Families group on Facebook. (you may have to request to join, I’m not sure. I was added against my will Smile) But feel free to look around. You might just learn something funky!


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