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We’re Going to Kentucky… we’re going to the Fair….


My dear friend Chevee sings this song to me EVERY time I mention something about Kentucky. Or something about a fair. Or just pretty much anytime we time we talk. Smile

I mention Kentucky and Fairs – because if there was ever a time to relish in living in the Southern state of KY – this is the month to do it! This past Saturday was the grand poobah of City wide events — the Kentucky Derby. While the actual derby race is only about 2 minutes long (literally) the city of Louisville has created a month long party out of the entire thing. For the past few weeks, there have been festivals, fireworks, concerts, a huge parade, hot air balloon launches and lots of late night festivities as well.

On Friday, my hubby was at the grocery store, and when the cashier handed him the receipt she wished him a “Happy Derby!” How incredible! The public library and many local shops are closed in honor of derby weekend. My neighbor told me that when she moved to Louisville years ago, the realtor couldn’t make it to the Friday closing on their house because of Derby. (I was SHOCKED when the mail service was still running on Saturday!)

For those following my blog, you probably have noticed that there’s one “pillar” I don’t talk much about: Recreational Health.

I often put work ahead of fun. It must be my hardwire or something but I always felt that we need to do our chores and only then can we go play. Sure, this is what we are told as kids …. “clean your room and then you can go to your friend’s house.” But I’m finding that this really doesn’t help me as an adult. Yes, I have a top notch work ethic…. But its dreadful that there isn’t much time left to play. Either the day has completely escaped me, or there isn’t any energy left to go and have that fun.

Obviously having fun is important, or I wouldn’t have considered it a founding Pillar to our health !!! Well, the past few weeks have taught me this wonderful lesson that ALL WORK AND NO PLAY doesn’t work very well.

I took the local magazine (a special magazine is published JUST for the Kentucky Derby Festival events) and I took my planner – and I marked down ALL the events we wanted to go to… and whaddya know? We had the time of our lives!

My hubby, who grew up in Louisville told me the other day “I never really did the derby.” Yes, he lived here as a kid but he was experiencing the festivals for the first time alongside me. In fact – on Friday, after we spent a VERY long Thursday evening at the Derby Parade, he asked me “So, what’s on the agenda for today? We going anywhere?” He was very thankful to hear that we were officially recuperating from our hopping around town.

My point is (and I do have one) that Louisville turns into this incredibly magical city during this time of year. People are so proud and honored to be part of this awesome city. A city that has small town written all over it, yet a 2 minute drive downtown allows you to feel like you’re in the hullabaloo and excitement of a big city. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

We got quite a reality check the past few weeks…. Seeing Louisvillians at their best… watching the pride in their city (and their sports coaches!) and I was really thrilled to be part of the experience.

Below, are some pictures of the goings on from Derby Season…. I figured you all would enjoy them…. (don’t worry you’ll get to see ALL the pictures when I post an album on Facebook)

Happy Derby !!!! Smile 


At the Preview Party. This is Pegasus himself… (or herself?) – that’s me in the corner. You can see how huge the balloon is!


me with a very annoyed (and scared) horse Smile 

me and a scared horse

me & the hubs (aren’t we adorable?)

me and hubs

Derby Parade! (Reminded me of the Lag Ba’omer marching bands)

marching band

Duby and her band of Pirates! Arghhhhhh….


I couldn’t believe it! The Red Hat Society really exists!!!! How wonderfully Southern Smile 

the red hat society

She decided to bring her snake to the Parade. like seriously.


oh look! another picture of us Smile 

me and shemeel better


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