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We’re Going to Kentucky… we’re going to the Fair….


My dear friend Chevee sings this song to me EVERY time I mention something about Kentucky. Or something about a fair. Or just pretty much anytime we time we talk. Smile

I mention Kentucky and Fairs – because if there was ever a time to relish in living in the Southern state of KY – this is the month to do it! This past Saturday was the grand poobah of City wide events — the Kentucky Derby. While the actual derby race is only about 2 minutes long (literally) the city of Louisville has created a month long party out of the entire thing. For the past few weeks, there have been festivals, fireworks, concerts, a huge parade, hot air balloon launches and lots of late night festivities as well.

On Friday, my hubby was at the grocery store, and when the cashier handed him the receipt she wished him a “Happy Derby!” How incredible! The public library and many local shops are closed in honor of derby weekend. My neighbor told me that when she moved to Louisville years ago, the realtor couldn’t make it to the Friday closing on their house because of Derby. (I was SHOCKED when the mail service was still running on Saturday!)

For those following my blog, you probably have noticed that there’s one “pillar” I don’t talk much about: Recreational Health.

I often put work ahead of fun. It must be my hardwire or something but I always felt that we need to do our chores and only then can we go play. Sure, this is what we are told as kids …. “clean your room and then you can go to your friend’s house.” But I’m finding that this really doesn’t help me as an adult. Yes, I have a top notch work ethic…. But its dreadful that there isn’t much time left to play. Either the day has completely escaped me, or there isn’t any energy left to go and have that fun.

Obviously having fun is important, or I wouldn’t have considered it a founding Pillar to our health !!! Well, the past few weeks have taught me this wonderful lesson that ALL WORK AND NO PLAY doesn’t work very well.

I took the local magazine (a special magazine is published JUST for the Kentucky Derby Festival events) and I took my planner – and I marked down ALL the events we wanted to go to… and whaddya know? We had the time of our lives!

My hubby, who grew up in Louisville told me the other day “I never really did the derby.” Yes, he lived here as a kid but he was experiencing the festivals for the first time alongside me. In fact – on Friday, after we spent a VERY long Thursday evening at the Derby Parade, he asked me “So, what’s on the agenda for today? We going anywhere?” He was very thankful to hear that we were officially recuperating from our hopping around town.

My point is (and I do have one) that Louisville turns into this incredibly magical city during this time of year. People are so proud and honored to be part of this awesome city. A city that has small town written all over it, yet a 2 minute drive downtown allows you to feel like you’re in the hullabaloo and excitement of a big city. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

We got quite a reality check the past few weeks…. Seeing Louisvillians at their best… watching the pride in their city (and their sports coaches!) and I was really thrilled to be part of the experience.

Below, are some pictures of the goings on from Derby Season…. I figured you all would enjoy them…. (don’t worry you’ll get to see ALL the pictures when I post an album on Facebook)

Happy Derby !!!! Smile 


At the Preview Party. This is Pegasus himself… (or herself?) – that’s me in the corner. You can see how huge the balloon is!


me with a very annoyed (and scared) horse Smile 

me and a scared horse

me & the hubs (aren’t we adorable?)

me and hubs

Derby Parade! (Reminded me of the Lag Ba’omer marching bands)

marching band

Duby and her band of Pirates! Arghhhhhh….


I couldn’t believe it! The Red Hat Society really exists!!!! How wonderfully Southern Smile 

the red hat society

She decided to bring her snake to the Parade. like seriously.


oh look! another picture of us Smile 

me and shemeel better


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Recreational Health: Got the Chanukah Blues? 8 Easy Tips to Get Into Holiday Spirit


I was chatting with a dear friend of mine Miss. S – who is a single gal and lives in Brooklyn. When I asked about her plans for Chanukah, what kind of exciting things were going in on NY, she sadly told me that because she has a rigorous work schedule, she won’t be attending any parties. In short, she told me that her Chanukah will consist of “Buying a Donut on the way to work.” Obviously she wasn’t very happy about it.

So here are a few simple tips for all you single ladies (or any ladies) out there who feel they won’t be able to celebrate with the masses in their little apartments. These ideas might sound too easy or small, but they are very impactful for getting into the spirit of the holiday.

1) Make latkes after work. Sounds simple I know – but it makes a HUGE difference. Nothing feels like Chanukah like the smell of frying latkes in your apartment.

2) Play Dreidel – but make it Interesting – Dreidel is fun, but why not kick it up a notch? Personally, I always was a fan of “strip dreidel” but if that’s not your thing, how about adding a poker / gambling element to it for an added twist?

3) Light Menorah as an Apartment: as a single girl I remember feeling a little blue during Chanukah since it was just me and the other singles in my apartment. There was an element of Chanukah spirit missing. Well, I say – DO IT !!!! Speak to your roommates, and decide what time you want to light (it could be late at night too) and jam it up! Sing the songs, dance around, play music, play guitar (if you do), whatever to crank up the Chanukah a bit.

4) Host a gift swap – you have lots of single friends – guaranteed they are all looking for ways to make Chanukah more joyous. Make a list of the ladies in your building complex and host a Secret Santa! (or as my sister in law Chaya properly named it: Mystery Maccabee!) It’s a WIN WIN! And at the end, you get a Chanukah present. Smile

5) Block Party anyone? If you’re hosting a gift swap, maybe you can get all the girls together and have a small party! It can be over the weekend (so you won’t have to get up early for work) and have a little shindig … it can be as elaborate or as simple as you are able to.

6) Night Activity! Remember in overnight camp – there was night activity? How about each night of Chanukah (or on the few nights that you’re together with your roommates) plan a little activity. It can be playing a board game, doing a puzzle, watching a movie (feh Smile).

7) Don’t forget about your day job! We tend to think of Chanukah as nighttime activities with Menorah lightings and parties, but don’t forget to bring some of the festivity into the daytime! Bring in donuts for your co-workers, decorate your cubicle (or desk) and if you’re REALLY ambitious, maybe plan a little special Chanukah lunch for the people at your work. (I know, might be too much but at least it will get you thinking of ideas Smile)

Well my dear New York gal (and everyone else), I gave you 7 ideas for a festive Chanukah…. Now it’s YOUR turn to give me the 8th idea !!!

Happy Happy HAPPY Chanukah …


A quick reminder. I will be announcing my Giveaway Winner on Sunday, December 18th. It’s not too late!

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year! CHANUKAH GIVEAWAY!


You got that right!
Time for the 5 Pillars of Health ANNUAL

Chanukah Giveaway !!!!!

(can I get a hell yeah??)

Keeping things simple, I decided to keep the prize the same as last year, since you all seemed to LOVE free money.

Soooooo once again, I’m offering a choice between a

$50 Gift Card to:

Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s!!!!

How Do I Win?

You can do one or all of the following options (each option will give you one entry)

1) Comment on this post answering the following question: “What is my favorite holiday and why?”

2) Post this giveaway on Facebook (you can use the Facebook icon on the bottom of this page) Make sure to let me know you have done so.

3) Tweet about the giveaway!!! Make sure to mention me: @mrsduby

4) Subscribe to my blog!! (if you’re already a subscriber: Forward this email to a friend and CC me for an entry)

When do I Win?

The winner will be chosen (at random) on Sunday, December 18, 2011 – which is 2 days before the first night of Chanukah.

The winner (which could be YOU) will be notified by Email – and a post will be on the blog announcing the winner.

If I don’t hear from the winner by January 1, 2012 I will have to pick a new winner, although I don’t want to, so make sure to be in touch with me Smile

Good luck!!!!!!!!


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If Rabbi Duby gave a Rosh HaShana Sermon

Victory_mountainIf I were a Rabbi and I had a pulpit, my Rosh HaShana sermon would be about this one little word: Passion.

But alas, I am no Rabbi, but I do make up my own rules sometimes, and while I don’t have a pulpit and shtender, I do have a blog! And so my theme for Rosh HaShana is: Passion.

You’re wondering why, aren’t you?

Well, first, let’s remind ourselves of the famous story. (and forgive me because I’m going to get the details wrong)

The famous parable goes that a great Rabbi was once asked: “What would you rather? A very obedient student but who’s very intellectual and therefore apathetic. Or a student who misbehaves and not very smart, but who’s incredibly passionate and excitable.”

The Rabbi answered: “without a question – the student who has passion. Because while he might misbehave, he has that drive and fire – and all I need to do is point that fire in the right direction and get him on the right track. The other student may have a brilliant mind, but with no heart and no passion, he’s not going anywhere.”

Yes yes, I know I probably mixed up all the details, but I know I got the point right.

And this is why my theme for this year is Passion.

Without passion what do we have?

Suppose all you do this coming year is data entry for a boring stupid job. And that’s it. Imagine if that ONE thing you do with all your heart, all your ambition, and put your fire and soul into that one little “boring” job – all your passion. Imagine how amazing that data entry job would suddenly become?

Suppose all you do this entire year is answer phone calls – and you answered those phone calls with fervor and enthusiasm. Imagine how happy those people on the line would feel after speaking with you?

Imagine if every day – no matter if it was laundry, or dishes, or doing bills, or teaching, or web design, or blogging – imagine if whatever it was you did during the day, you did it with a fire. Every ounce of passion – you threw into that basket of laundry!

Yah, I know it sounds a little funny – why do I need passion to do laundry? Why do I need fire to do the dishes?

Because as we all know, fire is VERY contagious and well, flammable.

Ever meet someone who LOVES their job? And they LOVE talking about it? And sharing stories? And going on and on about it? After wanting to wring their necks from their annoying peppiness…if you think about it – these are the people that have a spring in their step ALL Day. Not just at work. When they come home, their joy spills over into their home life and into everything they touch. Why? Not because their boss gave them a raise (although that certainly helps) but because they’re living life with passion!

I was thinking about this concept earlier this week because this past summer I got to work briefly with my old bosses – the Solomons – back in Jersey. Everyone who knows me can testify that I worked well with these guys and we were inseparable. My friend used to joke that in 30 years from now, I’ll STILL be working for them. While I used to take offense at that statement, feeling like I’ll be stuck in the same darn job for 30 years, when I think of that now, I’m actually flattered. Why? Because the Solomons exude passion.

I worked closely with Rabbi Solomon for years – and while working with him over the summer, I was reminded of this energy he gives to the people who work with him. It’s funny because we all laugh and say that we do all the work, and the Rabbi gets all the credit! But it’s amazing to see that he’s able to “light a fire” under his employees with his enthusiasm. His encouragement, his excitement, and… well.. passion. It’s this passion that gets his employees motivated about even the most tedious and boring tasks! And yet, despite the (at times) boring work, his assistants are the happiest people, they love their jobs every single day and have great experiences. Why? Once again – it’s the passion.

Actually, there was someone who worked for Rabbi Solomon at one point and the pairing didn’t mesh well. We all understood that the personalities didn’t click, and so it wasn’t working out. But thinking back, it’s more than just a personality clash – because everyone works differently and no one is the same. What I realized is that they were just missing passion. That “rock em’ sock em’” attitude that wasn’t there, and like I said, fire spreads – without that personal flame, the day to day tasks eventually became tedious and boring and eventually that person left the job.

So I talk about passion.

Ever feel like you’re life could be better? Ever wish you had a better job? Or a better house? A better car? Or just something new and exciting? Yes, we can go through the routine of day to day life. Trudge to work, do what we need to do, yawn at 2 pm, maybe have another cup of coffee to wake us up… and wait for those glamorous vacation days coming up. And sure – we can work towards our goals and try to make something more of ourselves and to create happier lives (and I’m a BIG advocate of that) – but imagine taking what you have right now – whatever that may be, and enjoying the crap out of it! Squeezing the joy into every single “meaningless” task of the day and quite literally, making love to everything we do. Doesn’t that sound like such a glorious life? Wow! imagine being able to have such passion for what we do that we’ll want to shout it from the rooftops: “I LOVE WASHING DISHES!” – imagine what a life that would be.

Well, I don’t know about you… but I say if there’s any kind of year I’d like to have… yes I want a healthy year, a happy year, a money filled year – but more than anything, I want to have a passionate year!

And isn’t it incredible that living a passionate life is completely my choice and is entirely up to me. No one decides how excited I get over something, or how much soul and spirit I give on a job. Nope. It’s all 100% me. (I think we control freaks would like that :)) …

And so my dear friends, here’s to a year and a LIFE filled with motivation, and drive, ambition and joy, and my new favorite word – a life of passion!

Can I get an Amen? 🙂


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100 you Say? IT’S A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

100thpostI sat down to write a blog post, when I realized (thank you wordpress) that this is my

100th post on the Five Pillars of Health!!!!!!

I am not sure what is more amazing: I had enough to say to fill 100 posts, or that I have people reading them!!!

Well, guess what my family, friends and loyal readers…..

In honor of 100 posts … (and in honor of 6 months living in Kentucky, AND in honor of my 6th YEAR wedding anniversary, AND in honor of the new school year…..)

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

(I’ll pause while you all jump up and down, screaming and crying… oh wait, we’re NOT on the Oprah show)

This time, because I am in SUCH a gosh darn great mood – I am offering TWO prizes!!!!!! Yes you heard me, not one, but TWO prizes to TWO very lucky winners!!!!!

This time around, we will be doing a “Fitness DVD” theme — and so….

The GRAND PRIZES for the Giveaway ARE>>>>> Drumroll….

You have a choice of:

A) Jillian Michaels – This includes 3 DVD’s: jillian

“No More Trouble Zones”

“6 Week 6 Pack”

“30 Day Shred”

Jillian Michaels was on the Biggest Loser TV show, and is known for her “kick tuchiss” attitude!

B) Pilates For Beginners & Beyond

This is a boxed set which includes: pilates

“Pilates for Inflexible People”

“Pilates Complete for Weight Loss”

“Pilates Complete Sculpt & Tone”

I am a HUGE fan of Pilates. While you’re not jumping up and down, you are working your muscles and you literally reshape your body. (Just in time to look hot in shul for yom tov Smile)

C) Yoga for Beginners

This is a boxed set which includes: yoga pose

“Yoga for Stress Relief”

“AM-PM Yoga for Beginners”

“Essential Yoga for Inflexible People”

There is no way I could write just a sentence on the benefits of Yoga. It’s amazing – and I’ll just leave it at that Smile

How do I Enter? And How do I win?

Its really quite Simple!!!!

You can win by doing any or ALL of the following:

1) Subscribe to my blog! – this will get you ONE entry (**for those already subscribed, you are automatically entered in the giveaway, because I love you THAT much Smile)

2) Post this on Facebook! – this will get you ONE entry. on the bottom of this post is a little “Facebook” icon – click it and post to your wall and tell the world how awesome I am ! (ok, you can skip the last part … but please let me know that you shared it)

3) Tweet me! – on the bottom of the post is a little twitter birdie … post it on Twitter and mention me @Mrsduby

4) Comment on this post – this will get you TWO entries. But to get these 2 entries, your comment has to answer the following awesome question: “What is your biggest health challenge?”

When do I Win?

The winner will be chosen (at random) on September 28th 2011 – which is Erev Rosh HaShana!!! What a great day to find out you won a giveaway!! (it also happens to be my dad’s English birthday so it works out quite nicely)

The winner (which could be YOU) will be notified by Email – and a post will be on the blog announcing the winner.

Contest Rules / Logistics/ Annoying Details:

If you are married to me, sorry, but you are not eligible to win. However, all other family members, best friends and neighbors are eligible so go for it!

If I don’t hear from the winner by the end of October (after Tishrei holidays) I will have to pick a new winner, although I don’t want to, so make sure to be in touch with me Smile

Good luck!!!!!!!! And thanks for joining Dubys “100th Post Giveaway!” family-guy


Changes at the 5 Pillars!

Domain-NamesNo official blog for today — just a quick note.

Today was my birthday according to the Hebrew calendar. Always loving a reason to party – in my family – we celebrate twice Smile Smile

In honor of my special day, I decided to FINALLY make it official – I have a domain name!!!

If you haven’t noticed in your browser – my new website is:

(If you type in my old name, it will redirect you automatically)

I have been meaning to register the Pillars for a while now, but something always stopped me. I suppose it felt “too official” and I guess it scared me somewhat. However, over the months my inbox has been flooded with emails and messages from people telling me how much they LOVE reading my blog. I’m not sure you realize how much it means to me hearing from all of you. It is those words of support and encouragement that gave me that push to make my blog ‘official.’

So now all I need is a normal design template and we’re good to go !!! (I’m open to suggestions!)

oh and possibly a Facebook fan page… maybe…

I love you all!!!

Duby Smile


Duby’s Lists: 20 Favorite Summer Activities

i_love_summer-3073While I was in the shower this morning I did some thinking. (yes I do that sometimes – shower and think Smile) I was thinking about how much I loved summer when I was a kid. Setting aside my very unhealthy obsession with camp (hehe), I LOOVED summer and everything that comes with it. But then I realized, as a young adult and soon to be regular adult – the summer somehow got put on the back burner and became more annoying than fun.

Lets talk practically.

When I was a kid – I LOVED going swimming. I used to go to our community Pool and I didn’t have a care in the world that I was a rolly polly kid in a colorful bathing suit – because I LOVED swimming. I was a fish!! (a chubby one). As I got older – swimming became less about the deliciousness of the water and more about how I look in a bathing suit. And now as a married girl – let’s throw in the whole “do I cover my hair when I go swimming?” discussion. It kind of takes the pure joy out of the activity.

Now for the heat. As a kid – the warm air meant lighter t-shirts, sneakers so you can run around more. As a grown up – the heat becomes about how hot and gross you feel, and drinking water before you dehydrate. For those who have to get dressed for work, pantyhose for the workplace coupled with 100 degree weather just doesn’t work. And I wont even BEGIN to discuss the wig in the summertime. (I refuse to have that discussion) All in all – the summer looks differently on this side of the spectrum.

So what made me think about all of this?

Well, aside from the 95 degree sunny weather I’m having down here in the South, thanks to our Detox – its got me of reminiscing of the summer. Because we eat only organic, it forces us (ever so gently) to eat fruits that are in season. My husband brings home cartons of GORGEOUS strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, melons, kiwis, grapefruits peaches, nectarines, cherries, grapes etc. …. And as I am typing this I am biting into an orgasmic organic strawberry !!!!! (yes, they are THAT good!!)

As you know, Duby LOVES to make lists. (and she also enjoys talking about herself in 3rd person) So here is the first of the “Duby’s Lists” Segment!!! This is a list of 20 summer Stuff that Duby loved as a kid. …. What better way to kick off the summer months than to remind ourselves of the delicious pleasures that we enjoyed as small campers during those lazy summer days. And maybe, we can begin to enjoy them again as adults!

And away we go !!!

1. Strawberries – my all time favorite fruit!!!!!! Nothing makes me think of summer more, than a strawberry Smile

2. Swimming – time to get over our body hang ups – take off the damn t-shirt and enjoy the water!!!

3. Sprinklers – running in and out of the sprinklers in the grass. What says summer more?

4. Day Camp – ok – this could be an entire book – but I had to include it on my summer list Smile

5. Lemonade – pink or yellow – with some ice cubes…. Sitting outside… it screams “lazy summer days”

6. ICES !!!! – as kids we made homemade ices out of orange juice and others out of yogurt (my mom was a health nut Smile) but I have come to see that store bought Luigis Italian Ices kicks tuchiss! (I don’t like watermelon flavor though…. The cherry ones are the best – especially when they just start to melt … so you get the yummy cold liquid with the ices….. yummmm)

7. Bike riding – how many of us still go bike riding??? My brother and I used to ride the bike paths for hours …. Good times man! But then I got older and somehow riding bikes was something girls just don’t do. Can someone PLEASE tell me how this unwritten rule came to be? If modesty is an issue – put some shorts underneath a skirt – and off you go!!!

8. WATERMELON – this is very different from enjoying regular summer fruits. Watermelon eating is an activity on its own! You count the seeds… you get juice all over your arms… its intense. (and a lovely memory)

9. The Library – who wants to be indoors when its gorgeous outside?! Ha! Well, there is something awesome about summer reading .. and picking out some wonderful books at the library. For adults they call it “beach reading” or “chick lit” either way, it’s a nice relaxing summer activity.

10. BBQ’s – my dad, never the outdoorsy type wasn’t big on BBQ’s and I could probably count the times we had them on one hand. But BBQ’s are amazing!!! Hot dogs on a bun with ketchup… the ultimate finger food and perfect for kids (and adults too!)…. (and then you have to have watermelon for dessert Smile)

11. FIREWORKS !!!!! July 4th means ONE thing …. (after enjoying a BBQ) and that is FIREWORKS !!! Sure, when you’re a small tot these can be a little scary, but they are exhilarating all the same. Take a blanket… some glow sticks… maybe some candy (ooh did I just advocate eating candy???) and enjoy the National Holiday !!!

12. Ice Cream – this too is separate from the Ices category. As a kid, after July 4th fireworks – we used to visit the Carvel ice cream store , and till today I maintain that this is the BEST ice cream in the world!!! Even if you don’t eat Carvel, and choose to enjoy “Kleins” – go get some !!! (and don’t forget to put sprinkles on top!!)

13. Late Nights …. No school, no bedtime !!! ok, maybe I still had a bedtime, but no homework, no pressure…. Only fun stuff Smile

14. Getting up late! As kids we were able to sleep later because there was no school bus to catch but yet I remember getting up on time anyway because I wanted to get to the park!!!!

15. Arts n Crafts – I was always a girly girl – and the summertime was when I used to do beads and make necklaces, bracelets and all kinds of glittery sparkly things. For you boys out there – well, if you choose to make beaded necklaces, I wont tell on you Smile

16. Vacations !!! This varied from year to year, but I still have wonderful memories… one summer I joined my aunt and cousins in the country at a Lake House where I got to swim and hang out on the beach… play card games with my Bubby and eat lots of yummy goodies. Another summer my family went to a Resort upstate – where we went swimming, went horse back riding, and did other random activities. Granted, these things might not be in the budget for everyone every summer – but even doing it once, the memories (and pictures) remain forever.

17. Along the same lines — BEACH DAY!!!!!! At what age did the beach suddenly become about listening to the Ipod and getting a killer tan? It used to be about seashells, making sand castles and burying your little brother in the sand!!! (and coming home with Sand EVERYWHERE)

18. Lemonade Stands — my friend suggested I include this in my 20 summer activities list. But I told her I NEVER made one!! Is that still counted? So we decided I should DEFINITELY include it, because it’s a CLASSIC summer activity … and imagine making a Lemonade Stand as an adult? I’m thinking spiked lemonade – and you can Tweet and Facebook coupons to your friends!!!

19. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No wonder the summer has always been my favorite season — its my BIRTHDAY !!!! July 6th – will always be the best day in the ENTIRE year – and DON’T YOU forget it SmileSmile(this is the culmination of all great summer things – the pool party, the ices, the ice cream, the BBQ, the fireworks and top it all off with PRESENTS…) Who wouldn’t love summer with such a fun birthday?!

20. Once again —- I did NOT come up with 20 things, but only 19. ….


 Leave a comment of your favorite summer activity when you were a kid… and maybe its time to revisit it again this summer….

As for me …. I’m going swimming!!!!!! (after I finish my strawberries Smile )

Have a wonderful Summer !!!!


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