My Personal Conflict With Homeopathy

17 Feb


Last week I blogged about my newfound interest in homeopathy and the class I am taking on the subject. It has been a fascinating journey so far and I really am enjoying all the new information. (I should probably mention that I’m about 2 weeks behind on my lectures and assignments but I don’t think you’ll tell on me, right?)

My main reason for studying homeopathy in the first place is twofold:

a) It’s a large division of Natural Healing that I knew absolutely nothing about.

Many people sort of lump it together as the same as the rest of natural, holistic methods – and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Homeopathy and its methods are its own entities, with their own procedures and set of rules. If you ‘break’ them – it’s no longer considered homeopathy.

b) What can it do for me and my family?

I suppose anytime we learn about something that interests us, we ask ourselves this question. Is homeopathy something that I would consider using in the future (or present) when health issues arise? Can it help us in ways that other natural healing modalities can’t?

Those have been my two motives.

So far, I have come across one very large conflict.

Duby’s Bowl For Healing

I have always been a huge believer and proponent in creating a “bowl for healing.” What this means is, just like my blog – the 5 Pillars – it’s important to create not ONE but several avenues of healing.

– A physical healing. Nutrition is KEY … exercise, sleep, fresh air, clean water. Etc. We can do yoga and meditate all day, but if we’re eating Snickers for lunch and Jelly Bellies for supper – well, it aint gonna cut it.

– An emotional healing – my Doc tells me that EVERY illness has a mental component. (I suppose that’s hard to understand when it’s something simple such as an ear infection or strep throat…) but the fact remains, there can always be an emotional healing that accompanies a physical one.

– An Energetic Healing. I know I haven’t blogged about this topic at length but more and more we (as in alternative health minded people) are learning about Energy Medicine and how it plays a huge role in not only healing from illness but increasing in energy, vitality, moods, stamina etc. (who wouldn’t want that?) Energy healing can take many forms – such as Meridian tracing, Chakra clearing … things like Acupuncture, EFT, EMDR, Polarity… there are so many kinds, its difficult to list all!

The point in creating a ‘bowl’ for healing is so we as – one WHOLE body – which includes body AND mind AND spirit – can have a complete and entire healing.

The beauty of Homeopathy is that it prides itself on being THE ultimate healing modality that does this complete healing the best. Why?

Because Homeopathy teaches that with ONE single remedy – it has a combination and is a ‘recipe’ of your complete condition INCLUDING the mental, emotional and physical issues.

Why? Because Homeopathy – while a physical remedy, is considered an “energy medicine” that helps realign a person’s “Vital Force.” In doing so, this sets off a chain reaction – healing all the parts that are imbalanced – whether it’s a physical or mental imbalance.

Now, I MUST mention that MOST holistic therapies do this as well. My Doc would probably never speak to me again if I said his teachings on Naturopathy don’t include mental and emotional aspects of an illness – it CERTAINLY does!! In my first appointment with him, he drilled me (in that loving way of his) about my personal lifestyle and environment – and took that into great consideration when working with me.

However, as much as it’s strange to write this, based on my class and what I’ve learned, Homeopathy believes that they do this healing different – and BETTER than everybody else, ALMOST sounding like no other therapy is needed. (I’m not educated enough to argue this point, I’m merely relaying over the concepts I’ve been learning)

Who would have thought a school of healing could be so elitist? Smile

Getting back to My Personal Conflict:

It’s quite simple.

When taking a Homeopathic Remedy, they teach you that there are things you should stay away from, or try not to do – because it can interfere with the Remedies at work. Since it’s considered an ENERGY Medicine – they tell you to stay away from ENERGY medicines.

So, if you get acupuncture, or do something like EFT, Chakra therapy – then it might cause the remedy not to work.

Also, taking any kind of vitamins or herbal tincture can get in the way of a remedy working.

(have you figured out my conflict yet?)

I know that while on Allopathic medications –one needs to stay away from certain substances. (although quite frankly since I’ve never taken antibiotics, I can’t tell you what. But obviously there are substances that don’t mix with prescription drugs!)

Nevertheless, when it comes to holistic healing, I have a hard time with the concept of taking an “end all be all” one remedy – and having to stop all other things. Something about that doesn’t sit right with me. I understand why those rules are in place – I understand that it can interfere – but does that mean I have to get rid of my “bowl of healing?” Do I need to discard it and put all my eggs into one… plate?

The truth is I am a new student to Homeopathy and still in the beginning of the journey. And who knows, maybe it’s one of those things where I shouldn’t “knock it till I try it.”


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7 responses to “My Personal Conflict With Homeopathy

  1. Clare Flourish

    February 17, 2012 at 11:49 am

    You could try mixing it with other therapies, and see if the healing was increased or lessened.

    Do all homoeopaths say the same?

    Is all energy healing, healing the same kind of energy- human energy, spirit energy, God energy?

    • mrsduby

      February 17, 2012 at 1:52 pm

      hi Clare,
      thank you for your comment. Have you been doing Homeopathy for a long time? As a student, its all very new to me. Do you feel that each person can have a different reaction to their remedy and therefore some can continue their other energy medicines and others cant ?

      The energy medicine forms that i have studied and used, i believe is a spirit energy. It utilizes the energetic patterns and fields that surround a person’s body and get them to flow properly.

      thank you again for your thoughts –
      duby 🙂

    • Clare Flourish

      February 17, 2012 at 2:03 pm


      Actually, I have not done any homoeopathy. I am feeling a calling to complementary healing work, involving spirit and energy, after growing up intensely rationalist. There is a great disconnect. How can I go all rationalist on homoeopathy and astrology when I feel my hands go warm and that is evidence for spiritual healing? I am feeling my way. I had not heard, before, that homoeopathy was an energy based healing. I feel that working with a healer can move energy patterns in a body where taking homoeopathic remedies…

      You see how I am getting rationalist in my Attempt to Understand?

      What do your other healers think?

      • mrsduby

        February 17, 2012 at 2:43 pm

        hi Clare,
        i actually never knew HOmeopathy was an “energy medicine” until i started my class. I always thought it was similar to other herbal type remedies in that you take drops (or pellets) for whatever issue…. i couldnt be more wrong! How interesting.

        The way i understand it, is that any sort of disturbance whether pyhsical or emotional – is a sign that the Vital Force is not in balance …. with the Hom. remedy, it gives a little nudge to the ladder of symptoms, causing a chain reaction – and stimulating the Vital Force to heal the body. (gosh, i hope i’m not confusing you)

        I have never used Homeopathy other than when i was a child and used it occasionally for a winter bug….. i have used Energy Medicine and its subtle yet extremely powerful. It sounds like you enjoy something like Reiki – using the heat of your hands to move energy? Do you do that for a living?

        It really is incredible stuff …. i’m enjoying my journey in this new world of Homeopathy 🙂

        duby 🙂

  2. yossi dubov

    February 18, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Since the remedy is for a short time, why the conflict.
    You need to stop all other forms,
    or else, you will never be sure why it healed, or didn’t !

    • mrsduby

      February 19, 2012 at 12:56 am

      hi Dad, thanks for chiming in!
      Thats precisely why they hold firm on the “Single Remedy” concept. If you start giving a few different remedies, you’ll never know which one worked, which one sort of worked, or which one didnt help at all…. i suppose the same holds true for the different therapies youre trying. Was it the reiki? the remedy? the Chakra stuff….

      its an entire science this Homeopathy stuff!!! We are now learning how to take cases and find which remedies work …. wish me luck! eek!

      🙂 🙂

  3. Dr. Nancy Malik

    February 29, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Homeopathy is a non-toxic system of western medical science originated in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (10 April 1755 Germany- 2 July 1843 France).


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