New Year – Not New Plan :)

05 Jan

calvinHappy 2012 everyone !!!

My grandmother always reminds me that January 1st is NOT the Jewish New Year, and shouldn’t be celebrated, but to me, I always felt it’s the perfect opportunity to take a small breath, look at the calendar and see where we are headed and where we are going.

So, 2012 – what’s on the To Do List for this year?

To find out the BEST New Year’s resolution, all you need to do is ask yourself the following question:

What do I complain the most about?

Simple yet effective.

Complain about your weight?

Complain about how stressed you are?

Complain how frustrating your job is?

Well there ya go!

Now you know what needs working on.

I asked my husband a few weeks what I complain about – and obviously he didn’t want to answer. He was scared it was one of those “Do I look fat in this?” type questions but I reassured him I really wanted to know. It wasn’t much of a surprise when he told me the one or two things I bring up the most. Good! Now I know what I need to work on.

This year, I don’t really plan to begin any new resolutions. Instead, my plan is to keep doing what I know to be right and keep at it. Obviously it isn’t always easy, and there are oh so many bumps along the way, but the point is to keep going. Finding my pitfalls and trying to work around them (or through them) will help ensure my success.

What’s That On My Plate?

So once again – I’m focusing on stepping up my healthy eating. Each time I do my detox I feel more energetic and healthier. And with each time I do the program, it kick starts my healthy eating (its seriously awesome people!)

I hope to incorporate more raw foods in my menus. Even if my plate has plenty of vegetables on it, it doesn’t come close to eating RAW – raw foods are ALIVE with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and nothing beats them. I noticed this on Shabbos when I looked around the table and saw everything I had prepared was cooked. Imagine how thrilled my husband was when I told him we’d be eating more raw this year J (and more vegan) hehe.

My neighbor Meir, is very knowledgeable in eating locally and sustainably. This is not my strong area so it’s always good to have a chat with him. He’s been recommending how to start my organic garden, where the best Farmer’s Markets are and he’s introduced me to like minded people. Recently, Meir has been harvesting his own organic Wheat Grass. It almost sounds like a drug when you do some research of its health benefits. He has been juicing it and passing it along to me and woah what a rush!!!! I call it – Liquid Energy!! (its some serious stuff…)

Watch out for that Cliff! What Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif…..

My biggest pitfall is The Holidays. I don’t have it completely under control, as Tishrei found me eating cake and lots of other goodies that ended up making me feel sick. (feel free to read my Tishrei Report Card with all those exciting details)

Another area that needs improving is working through the emotional difficulty I have when I eat at other people’s houses. Sure, I work my tushy off to plan ahead of time, bring my own food if necessary, and speak to my hosts to make sure there is food I can eat. But there is often a feeling of “why me?” that comes along with it. It’s always a struggle to sit at a table watching everyone enjoying something yummy, and I’m sitting and eating carrots. Yes, I understand the health benefits and acknowledge that in the long run I’m better off without that delicious yummy Trifle dessert, but it doesn’t take away that sometimes it’s frustrating. At some point, I’ll figure out how to get over it. (hey, I never said I was perfect.)

Oh Exercise – my arch nemesis!

Show me someone who loves to exercise, and … that won’t be me Smile

For me, the hardest part of exercise is getting back into the groove. Maybe I’ve taken a few days off because of a partying weekend… or maybe I wasn’t feeling too hot so I skipped my usual Pilates. It’s that “getting back into it” that kills me, and I have yet to find a way to keep it consistent so that exercise is a constant with no long periods of time without it. (tips and suggestions are welcome!)

That pretty much sums up my Health plan for 2012. cow

What’s YOUR new year’s resolution???? Do tell!

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