Was it a good year? A Bad year? Or Option C?

01 Jan

happy new yerarThis past Friday, on the way to our weekly excursion to the local library, my hubby and I chatted about the new year. We discussed what kinds of things we wanted to focus on in 2012 and of course, we talked about how last year measured up.

Something we realized was that in hindsight, 2010 was a pretty crappy year. The hubby left his job, which was a serious and scary decision to make (whether it was his choice to make or not! Smile). On a personal level it kind of sucked as well and we knew that it was time we packed up and left New Jersey. All around 2010 wasn’t such a hot year. Let’s not forget, I began to blog in 2010 which was awesome, but all around when looking at the year in Duby’s life, it ranks pretty low.

2011 however was very different. While we wouldn’t call it an amazing year, we did realize that 2011 was a “transition year.” The beginning months of January and February were spent packing up (and throwing a very fun Superbowl party!) and in March we moved to our new home in Louisville. I would say the remainder of our year was spent unpacking, settling into our new life, finding a new routine and just getting used to this new chapter in our lives. This takes a LOT longer than one would think! Sure, maybe you can unpack your entire house in a couple of weeks, or months, but a move to a new state involves getting to know the streets, the places to shop, your new mailman! We now had the opportunity to create new holiday traditions in our home, how we were going to celebrate Pesach, our birthdays, the high holidays – It really does take time to call a new place home, which to be honest, I’m still learning to do. Quite often, I’ll be talking to someone and absentmindedly say “back home” referring to NJ. It does take time to establish and plant roots and while your boxes may be unpacked, that emotional connection takes time.

Quick side story: My friend asked me when I plan on visiting New York next. Obviously she misses me dearly Smile so I told her, “I plan on visiting when I begin calling Louisville home. And knowing me, I’ll go back to the tri-state area for a visit, and never want to leave!”

So 2011 came and went and thankfully we feel a lot more settled and slowly but surely its beginning to feel like home.

As the hubby and I recalled the different memories of this past year, it dawned on us, that while 2010 was not one of our better years, it was a defining year. We needed 2010 to happen, in order for the 2011 transition year to unfold. Leaving his job in the city meant we were able to expand our horizons and acknowledge we no longer felt forced to live in a 30 mile radius to New York City (something MANY people feel trapped to do). Experiencing hardship in 2010 helped us come to terms with the fact that New Jersey was no longer a healthy place for us to live and needed to plant roots elsewhere.

Was it fun? Not really… but looking back, the hardships and difficulties led way to some wonderful new experiences allowing us to set up shop here in Louisville and it has been glorious. (so far Smile) So in hindsight can we ever really say that a year was “bad?” I suppose not, because we never know what awesomeness can ultimately come from it.

And so with the transition behind us, we can now focus on establishing deeper roots here, and make it a kick ass year!

I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year – no matter where you are, where you came from, or to where you’re going, may it be your best year yet!!!!


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2 responses to “Was it a good year? A Bad year? Or Option C?

  1. Chevee

    January 1, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Loved this post!!! Totally needed to hear the message at the end…thanks for putting it so eloquently!

  2. mrsduby

    January 1, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    happy you liked it chev!
    ya know, i sometimes forget whos actually reading my blog 🙂 🙂


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