Mental Health: The Best Chanukah Gift Ever!!!!

08 Dec

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This post is not my original idea. I found this idea from a recent article on the Chronic Babe website. The woman who runs the website, Jenni, blogs about Chronic Illness. She gives tips for maintaining a healthy balance in life, something that’s imperative to people who live with illnesses.

I read her recent newsletter entitled “The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself” and I was IMMEDIATELY inspired. So I’ll just shut up, and get right to it …

The BEST Gift you can Give Yourself…


Permission To Miss Out.

It’s the simplest of things, but for some reason I needed this lesson to be spelled out for me. Permission To Miss Out means allowing yourself to say “I’m staying home tonight.” It means not going to EVERY Chanukah party or Menorah Lighting. Not buying a million gifts for every niece and nephew, and it means deciding not to bake a thousand donuts for the Shul Chanukah party. Permission To Miss Out is an incredible gift that allows anyone to realize their limits and to pick and choose instead of trying to do it all.

I needed this lesson because this is something I do EVERY SINGLE year (without realizing it). I get very excited when the holidays come (no matter which holiday, it’s always an exciting time!) and of course Chanukah is no different. Just the other night I was going through all the upcoming events in our community and I even picked out what I’m going to wear!!! (yes, my husband rolled my eyes) I am in the process of buying and wrapping all my gifts, planning what goodies I want to bake to bring to my in laws … and of course planning the family Chanukah shindig. Then yesterday, I read this article and it hit me like a ton of bricks! This is what I do every single year. Every year I get wrapped up (quite literally) in all the excitement, and I go into the holiday planning to go to every party, every holiday lighting and halfway through Chanukah I am exhausted, burned out and upset that I end up missing that last few events…

Why hadn’t this occurred to me sooner? It’s time I learned the beauty in PTMO.

So last night I went through all the different events and stuff I very much want to do, and I prioritized. I chose 2 or 3 parties that I know FORSURE I don’t want to miss, and the rest is completely optional. This way, I won’t go in with unrealistic expectations that by the 5th night of Chanukah if I SEE another latke I’ll practically puke. And somehow, this little PTMO exercise instantly helped me feel a lot calmer about the whole holiday.

While this article was geared for people who have illnesses where they need to be extremely careful how much they over extend themselves during this busy season, I felt that this concept really relates to EVERYONE.

We ALL do so much ALL the time and even though physically we may feel we can handle it, it’s crucial we learn that fine line between doing and overdoing.

We can use a little bit of PTMO in our lives and feel happy that we can enjoy the holiday without burning the (Chanukah) candle at both ends.

Happy Chanukah everyone !!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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