Changes at the 5 Pillars!

17 Jul

Domain-NamesNo official blog for today — just a quick note.

Today was my birthday according to the Hebrew calendar. Always loving a reason to party – in my family – we celebrate twice Smile Smile

In honor of my special day, I decided to FINALLY make it official – I have a domain name!!!

If you haven’t noticed in your browser – my new website is:

(If you type in my old name, it will redirect you automatically)

I have been meaning to register the Pillars for a while now, but something always stopped me. I suppose it felt “too official” and I guess it scared me somewhat. However, over the months my inbox has been flooded with emails and messages from people telling me how much they LOVE reading my blog. I’m not sure you realize how much it means to me hearing from all of you. It is those words of support and encouragement that gave me that push to make my blog ‘official.’

So now all I need is a normal design template and we’re good to go !!! (I’m open to suggestions!)

oh and possibly a Facebook fan page… maybe…

I love you all!!!

Duby Smile


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