The Hypocritical Blogger

14 Jul

empty-calories-holiday-bakingI have been meaning to blog about this for some time, and with it being July and all – I decided the time was now. Why July you ask? Well, it’s the holy month when I was born – which means my brain automatically associates July with: birthday cake, candy, ice cream, smoothies – and all sorts of (evil) yummy treats.

So, it is time I confess that I am somewhat of a Hypocritical Blogger … or a Blogging Hypocrite.

I blog every week about eating a superb diet, no sugar, no white flour – everything to be pure and organic as possible, and yet late at night I sit in bed rifling through my baking cookbooks thinking of goodies to bake!!! Now, here’s the real horrible part. I don’t bake for me or my hubby!!! I bake yummy treats, and whisk them off to my In-laws house – “here’s a cake for Shabbos!” or “here are cupcakes for the campers!” – sure, they don’t mind – (who would ever refuse a treat??) But deep down, it’s wrong that while I value health and wellness, you’ll find sticks of margarine in my freezer and bags of sugar in my top cabinet waiting to be mixed into a concoction of ooey ooey goodness.

When I was single – and I was dieting my tushy off, whenever I brought cookies or cake to my Boss’s house for Shabbos – she would always comment, “Duby’s baking again that means she’s back on her diet!!!” I don’t know what it is but something happens that when I restrict my sugar intake – I suddenly CRAVE baking. Not eating – but BAKING. Isn’t that the weirdest thing ever ????

Well, we’re not here to discuss my psychosis and obsession with chocolate chips — I’m really here to discuss my shame that my values don’t line up properly. I told the hubby the other night, “so I’m willing to give someone else fat and calories but I won’t let my own husband eat it?” What will I tell my kids – when I am so quick to bake for other people’s families, but never allow my own children to sample my baking prowess?? Something is terribly off kilter.

Epiphany!!! HEALTHY BAKING!!!

Here is where we get into the concept of “healthy baking.” Truth be told – I get a little shiver up my spine when these 2 words are put together. (kind of like how Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell reacted when the principal decided to put the words “Summer” and “School” together.) It just feels wrong. On my birthday – I want REAL cake. REAL ice cream… none of this “healthy Greek yogurt crap.” But real chocolate with real sugar — the kind that gives me a stomach ache, 10 extra pounds and a guilty feeling afterwards !!!!! Smile

I have a friend in NY (maybe she’s reading this now? Who knows?) she’s a firm believer in the Bethany Frankl method – which states NEVER deprive yourself. Once you start telling yourself no, you are more likely to binge and overeat – which will certainly cause the 10 pound weight gain. According to her, the trick is to eat ONE piece. One piece of cake, one donut and that’s it. And this works well for her. My friend lost over 40 pounds and she seems to enjoy this lifestyle.

Is this about our weight or our health?

For me, I don’t think in terms of weight loss or gain. I focus on HEALTHY LIVING. Which means – plain and simple – chocolate cake, Cheesecake, cupcakes, brownies – these things are NOT good for us. AT ALL. As in – not even a piece!!! My husband said to me “one piece of cake will NOT make you fat or hurt us terribly.” True – one piece won’t kill you, but at the end of the day – its really NOT. (think of it in terms of Torah and Mitzvos – would your mother ever allow you to sin just a ‘little bit’ or ‘part way?’)

In any case, I’ve been thinking more and more about this “healthy baking” term – and while it still gives me the shivers, I can’t help but think I may have to change my ways just a little bit. For starters, it is nice to have a little treat on Shabbos and holidays – and I am the total Jewish mother (did you know, you could be a “Jewish Mother” and not have kids???) – I like feeding people with baked goodies. And who knows, maybe I will actually like it.

What is “healthy baking?”

Thanks to my good friend Dena in New Jersey – she’s opened my eyes. She really has mastered the whole Healthy Baking thing – which according to her, is really all about a ONE keyword: SUBSTITUTION. No need to throw away your Mrs. Fields Cookie Book or the Taste of Home Baking edition — its all about knowing how to substitute. When the recipes called for Butter and we all wanted to make things pareve – we switched it to Margarine – same concept.

Dena sat down with me and went over some her basic rules on Healthy Baking. Next week, (if I could just get her to give me some recipes) I will give a crash course on the whole substitution thing!!!

How about you? Have you ever felt bad or guilty for cooking healthy but indulging in baked treats afterwards? How do you reconcile both?


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4 responses to “The Hypocritical Blogger

  1. Chanie

    July 17, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    I’m totally with you on this one. We do healthy baking in this house, I’m just not sure if it’d be healthy enough for you. We use olive oil in baking and only whole wheat flour! And I always cut the sugar in half, but if you want no sugar at all, there are definitely substitutions. Also, you can bake cakes with zuchinni and carrot snuck in and they are deliciously moist! Have you ever seen They have lots of healthier baking recipes. I’m looking forward to the next post and some of Dena’s recipes!

  2. mrsduby

    July 19, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    hi Chanie,
    well – its all VERY new me this whole healthy baking thing…. but im willing to learn!!!! I would also aassume that it takes time to acquire new tastes. I remember making a “healthy” squash pie — and i skipped the sugar entirely. while i didnt mind, my friends who ate it thought it was “gross” because they were used to the pie with a full cup of sugar.

    i’m going to check out the blog you suggested — (i LOVE reading recipe blogs!) – thanks for recommending it.

    as always, thank you for your comments — and for reading !!!
    duby 🙂

  3. shaina bodenheim

    July 19, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    hey doobs,
    I loved this one and could relate to pretty much all of it (although I do think bethanny frankel is full of loads of horse manure…but her book does have some good recipes in it that my hubby didn’t even realize had healthful substitutions). I haven’t used margarine in years, and find that most recipes call for more of it than u actually need…they also call for more sugar than necessary. Kill 2 birds with one stone, and u could use applesauce…makes baked goods sweet and moist. Anyhoo, that’s my substitution contribution…happy dieting!

    • mrsduby

      July 22, 2011 at 1:15 pm

      i remember your delectable desserts from high school — trifles, pies, cakes — and everything was fancy and beautiful. I love what you said about cutting back on sugar (my mom would offer cut back a bit on it .. but still used margarine)

      How do you substitute Applesauce – – what is the rule of thumb for measuring ?

      as for Bethanny – yeah – im not really a fan either 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comments —
      duby 🙂


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