Doing the Detox!

17 May


For all of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you hopefully know by now that the hubby and I have officially begun our Total Body Cleanse – detoxing program! When I mentioned on Facebook that I was “psyched” to start it, our aunt commented, “you’re psyched” or “psycho?” ha!!! Yes, doing a detox is a big undertaking, involves a great commitment and is definitely not easy. Is it worth it? Hell to the YES ! (I would have written some other choice words, but this is a family blog… so ya know.. gotta keep it clean) In any case, the results are MORE than worth the effort and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to do it. The program was designed and created by my naturopath Doctor and he recommends it to all (or most) of his patients….

Why is detoxing important?

We all can agree that more than ever before we are bombarded and overrun by toxins in our day to day life. Just taking a shower, brushing our teeth and putting on makeup – we have already come in contact with dozens of chemicals! (There was a study that gave the exact number of the chemicals we are exposed to JUST in our morning routines and the number was ASTRONIMICAL!!) Our processed food, pollution, and stressful lives – our bodies can easily be overwhelmed by the amount it needs to detoxify on a daily basis. Is it no surprise that many of us have allergy issues, get colds and flus, to more serious autoimmune disorders, and other ailments.

Aside from day to day contact with chemicals, we also have years worth of exposure to metals, pharmaceuticals, radiation (thank you Mr. Microwave) and other such crap. When I mentioned to a neighbor that we were beginning our cleanse, he jokingly asked if I was detoxing from heavy narcotics. Ha! No, not really – but the things we have in our system – its not that much different Smile

I must not forget to mention FOOD. Let’s face it – not many of us eat a “perfect” diet. From the nosh, the sugar, too much meat, cheese – even the veggies that are loaded with pesticides – these things are stuck in our system.. (gross!)

Doing a cleanse is a wonderful way to “wash the slate clean.” Think of it as a plumber coming in and doing a roto rooter effect on our plumbing Smile

Another interesting factoid that I have learned about the process of a detox is a little bit harder to explain so I hope I do it right. The concept ultimately is that we are “jump-starting our system.” The doctor explains that most ailments and illnesses in our bodies either come from “blockage” or “stoppage” – he uses the example of a diabetic where the Islets of Langerhans on the Pancreas have “stopped” working. He explains that when we get the organs working at optimal functioning in our body, then you kind of jolt the “stopped” organ to start working again. I guess a good example of this would be a car battery – giving it a jolt to get it going. By re-starting the system, in my Doctor’s experience he has helped thousands of patients heal from so-called incurable ailments such as diabetes, thyroid issues, allergies, and so forth….

Before I get too boring with data here (I’m beginning to bore myself!) Let’s put it into simple terms. By cleaning out our systems, and getting things working the right way, the immune system is stronger, the weight melts off, and the body doesn’t break down as quickly as it would have before.

And…..We’re Off!!!!


Sooooo… today is officially Day 2 of the cleanse, and so far we are off to a great start. We did this same program right after Sukkos – and we did a “light” version. I had wanted to blog about my experiences then, but getting used to the detoxing was a bit overwhelming, and I only wanted to announce it to my readers once I saw the hands-on results. It is with complete confidence that I tell you – this program is fantastic. It’s not cheap (quite the opposite) but like I said – it is worth every penny.

What Is the Program?

Many people ask what the detox is exactly, what it entails – so here is a basic rundown.

The entire detox is about 3-4 weeks long. (you can do it longer if you so desire and depending on how ill a person is, they may want to continue for more time.) It is 100% Organic and Vegan. Which means, “anything with a face, or anything that came from a face” is not allowed. My doctor is not against eating meat or chicken etc, but the point of the cleanse is so your body can concentrate on healing and repairing itself and NOT on digestion. So we eat fruits, veggies and SPROUTED grains. The more RAW the better! Raw foods have more enzymes and are easier to digest on the body – but we will have cooked as well.

Each part of the cleanse focuses on different organs in the body to get them working at top function. The first and second parts concentrates on the intestines and bowels (ok I know I’m an adult, but I really hate the word bowels….). Have IBS? Have Constipation? Not anymore! The third part focuses on the Liver and Gallbladder (bye bye gall stones!) and the final part we cleanse the Kidney and Bladder. (Urinary Tract Infections are a thing of the PAST) There are special teas and tinctures to take during each stage of the game. Aside from this, there are certain tinctures and vitamins to help with brain and heart function. (Anyone out there who CAN’T FOCUS?! BRAIN FOG? Yeah – this is for you Smile) and then there’s lots of fun stuff to take for hormone and other imbalances. (Sorry Advil, I wont be needing YOU anymore for those cramps… hehe) Thank the nice Lord, there are tinctures that we don’t need to take – that are used when someone is extremely ill with Cancers and Tumors and things like that – but Thank G-d, we have no purpose for those.

I feel Healthy!

Long story short – it’s a TOTAL Body Cleanse. After our last cleanse, my husband broke down and confessed, “I have never felt so healthy in my life.” (I should have recorded it, and made him sign off that he actually admitted those words!) But all in all it was great.

Aside from feeling fantastic – one of the more favored “side effects” of doing the cleanse is the WEIGHT LOSS!!!! Hee hee. Always fun when that happens.

And so, with Pesach under our belts – we were MORE than ready to detox. Detox from the stress of our move and detox from not eating so well the past couple of months. And what better way to make a fresh new start in our home than by doing a cleanse?

Wish me luck!!! orange-peel-carving

PS – I would love more than anything to give constant updates on how we’re doing – but if I don’t blog as often as usual, please forgive – I am probably juicing some fresh apple juice or something strange like that Smile


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3 responses to “Doing the Detox!

  1. dini

    May 17, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    U go girl! Wishing u luck!

  2. Marci

    May 17, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Good luck with the crazy!


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