“It’s Your Worst Enemy..”

09 May

“Depression is not a sin; but what depression does, no sin can do.” – Chassidic saying

A fellow blogger of mine writes about her trials and tribulations with her disabilities. What’s absolutely heart wrenching about her story is that for the longest time, she has been traveling to doctors and specialists of all kinds, and they still can’t diagnose her pain and mobility issues. It really is insane.

I decided to blog about this today, because her recent post was on a possible breakthrough in diagnosing her disability. Her latest doctor is considering that she is in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. It’s not definite, and her symptoms don’t fully line up with the exact definition of MS, but having a signed diagnosis may help her with her insurance difficulties, will give her a leg up at work as her company will have to comply with the laws in place to help those with disabilities and handicaps.

Anyway, her post was simple but what piqued my interest more than anything – was when her doctor told her the following:

“Depression is your worst enemy.  You must stay positive.  If you get depressed, you will go downhill faster.”


It got me thinking a bit about depression and despair. In all our lives no matter what our challenges are – there is always the mental attitude – and emotional fallouts that come along with the actual difficulty. Maybe your child is having a hard time at school. It’s common to feel despair that there is no solution, or feel guilt over something you as a parent should / could have done. It’s only natural.

But, depression, despondence and despair – these are EVERYONE’S worst enemy. Far worse than the challenge at hand.

The Tanya talks at great length at how these feelings of despair can pretty much destroy a person. It’s an enveloping cloud that when trapped inside, nothing is possible. And this is why it is our worst enemy. When there is no hope, there is no action. When there is no joy, there is only stagnation.

You know that commercial of anti-depressant drugs – and there is a little grey cloud that follows the person around? On an energetic level when a person is downcast, his energies are literally darker. Not as vibrant and don’t reach out but are collapsed. Physically, you can see it manifested by how the person carries himself, with hunched shoulders, crouched over more.

So while my friend is working on finding a diagnosis to her ‘mystery illness’ – I think we all can take a great lesson in the simple and profound words of her doctor… beware of the enemy.

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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Emotional Health, Mental Health


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