Do Your Actions Line Up with Your Values?

01 May

3082952-706013This question can be asked with regards to ANY area of your life … I’ve seen it discussed on financial blogs, health blogs, religious blogs and self improvement blogs. Any area we’re trying to improve – we ask the question.

Are my actions lining up with my values?

Financially – if I value having financial security, such as an emergency fund, but I don’t even have a savings account opened and spend every last dollar I earn, then obviously my values aren’t lined up with my actions.

In thinking what I could blog about this week, it was apparent that right now, my actions are NOT lined up with my values. AT ALL.

Ok ok, let’s be realistic here… Pesach JUST ended and the house is barely set up properly.. how can I be so harsh as to say that my actions are a bit harried right now. Isn’t it obvious that things will be a little wonky until life settles down a bit?

Yes and No. The truth is yes, we are still in the middle of the unpacking process – my books, binders and papers are still in boxes (and you know me – I NEED to have my binders !!!) and having a busy Yom Tov, it’s understandable that my eating isn’t what it should be and the healthy lifestyle habits that I enjoy doing and blogging about are basically non-existent at this point. But then I realized something interesting….

On one hand – life needs to be a bit organized in order to employ those healthy habits.

On the OTHER hand – the healthy habits encourage the organization and settled feeling.

I was telling my friend the other day that I’m still working on settling into a routine in our new house. And it hit me over the weekend – what better way to help get settled than to start with my healthy habits!!! It is those habits will help me feel settled… they will help ground and center myself, so that I can continue unpacking boxes without the frazzled and stressful side effects!

(brilliant, isn’t it ? Smile Smile)

So now, I ask myself – what do I start with? How do I get back on the Health Train… (weird euphemism I know) Where do I begin?

After last Yom Tov, I wrote a post (which you can read here) about “getting back into routine” after the holidays. I re-read the post for ideas because that’s exactly what I need right now! Well, lo and behold – I decided I needed to revamp the ideas a bit 😉

So, if any of you out there feel horribly fat from eating too much on Yom Tov, feel like you haven’t exercised since the last snow fall, and feel out of sorts – then this list will be good for you and for me !!! Smile

1. Re-Learn what you already know: Ha! What a funny line. No, seriously. Over the next week, I plan to re- listen to a bunch of lectures I have on healthy habits, healthy eating and all that. (These are lectures my Naturopath Doctor wrote – and I follow his programs.) His lectures will definitely give me that inspiration I so need to get back into the healthy eating. It will also remind me of the fundamentals of health – many of which I blog about – so all in all it will be a win-win to listen to these educational tools again.

2. Food: of course, it’s hard to JUMP into a strict diet / program – which I NEVER recommend – but I definitely plan on working on some menus… menus that do NOT include Pesach sponge cake, or Shlissel challah Smile They will consist of healthy vegetables, some solid protein, and whole grain only. Hello to my dearly missed Ezekiel bread and Quinoa and goodbye to the chocolate bars from Pesach. (attention family members: feel free to claim the leftover chocolates… they are yours for the taking.)

3. Feeling the Focus: When we eat heavy meals, and the schedule is off kilter, it’s common to feel unfocused, brain fog, and just overall BLAH. (and depending on how much you’ve eaten – you may feel like a BLOB as well…) so how do we get our focus back? Well, I really hope to pick up my Energy Medicine exercises and do some good Yoga stretches. The EM exercises are AMAZING with clearing the mind, feeling energized and literally more alive (not exaggerating here people) and my muscles are craving some serious stretching from not moving around the past few weeks. Once I feel more “awake” – my plan is to become friends with my treadmill again (who I haven’t hung out with in a very long time) But, I am going to be realistic and know that my reunion with Mr. Treadmill might not happen right away.

4. Last and certainly not least – ROUTINE !!!! Whether we realize it or not, our bodies LOVE routines. They love waking up the same time, going to bed the same time and even eating meals at the same time. Nothing better than your early morning alarm clock to jolt you back into reality and your daily routine. Well, thanks to our recent move, Duby don’t got no routine !!!! It’s weird I tell ya … in any case, it is definitely something that is greatly missing in my life right now, and I know that getting back into our healthy eating and habits, the routine will just happen naturally.

And that my friends is what’s on the menu at the 5 Pillars of Health …. Lots of “getting back to normal.” Or should I say I am working on creating the new normal !! hehe.

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