Oh The Irony …

27 Mar

I found this image and response from a health blog I follow called “Fooducate”



Dear food and beverage brands,

Instead of asking us to help you raise pennies for various health causes, how about making products that don’t make us sick in the first place?

Thank you.


Fooducate is a pretty funky blog. What they do is they give REAL advice to REAL people who are trying to live REAL lives. Each post they talk about a specific store brand or product in the supermarket that claims to be healthy, and they investigate how healthy it really is (if it is at all). They always end off every post with practical advice on what to do.

I must put a small caveat here and say that as a general rule: when shopping in a regular grocery store, processed foods or foods that come in a box off a shelf – I automatically question how healthy and “real” it is. If it has many ingredients or if it can last on a shelf for months at a time – I would already be concerned. However, we live in 2011 where many parents work hard and need convenience items to help get supper on the table. Not all of us have the luxury to make bread from scratch! So Fooducate is an excellent blog (and there is an app for it too!) that can help moms and dads use those convenience items – and the healthiest ones possible.  

Feel free to check out their website:

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