Oh blog, how I’ve missed you….

21 Mar


I am currently sitting on my front porch in a comfy lawn chair, wearing a sun dress and not much else with my feet up and enjoying the very pleasant 76 degree weather. And while doing so, I’m thinking about my poor neglected blog. I haven’t written or shared in what feels like months. Truth be told, I am just worn out. Thinking about blogging makes my brain hurt! So my poor blog will just have to wait. But then I remembered my readers!!!! My readers have NOTHING to read … hahah … (right) …

So I’m sitting here and instead of lecturing on health and wellness – because Lord knows I haven’t had a vegetable in about a week…. and the only fruit I had were those disgusting juice boxes that came with one of the shalach manos … so I decided, since I am in no position to educate and blog properly – I might as well blog about something I am able to.

And so, here are some pictures of my house! (get excited) For reasons I won’t go into, I don’t always feel comfortable posting pictures on Facebook – so you can only find them here!!!!!!!

Granted, my house doesn’t look like this currently – but we’re getting there… and until then, I’ll continue enjoying the 76 degree weather on my front porch!!!! (ps – I think I need one of those whittling apparatuses)













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2 responses to “Oh blog, how I’ve missed you….

  1. Joan

    March 22, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Oh My GOSH! You have plenty of room to start a garden! Keep me posted if you decide to do one. Do you know how much money you could save if you planted your own vegetables and herbs? Holy cow , I wish I had 1/2 of that front lawn. I live on 40×10….FEET! and for that luxury, of living near to NYC, I pay $7800/yr in taxes. Start a garden for goodness sake (notice I used nice words instead of saying what I really wanted to say…”holy SH*T! nice property!) LOL. Enjoy your day.
    Oh, it’s National Water Day…100 tips to save water:

    • mrsduby

      March 22, 2011 at 4:00 pm

      Hi Joan,
      your comment cracked me up !!! i didnt even post pictures of the backyard !!!!! I was thinking to keep the veggies in teh back and do some flowers in teh front….
      yes yes — much to learn — i should go to Home Depot and harass the people in the garden dept. hehe.

      thanks for reading !! I am usually a lot more consistent with my posts – but life has been a little nutty…..

      duby 🙂


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