Sick of this Winter Wonderland??

03 Feb

iciclesI woke up yesterday morning and told my husband “I’m sick of seeing white!” and then he called me a racist. (haha)

Seriously folks, it’s safe to say that this snow and winter weather is getting a bit unnerving. A month ago it was beautiful – it was magical – and Facebook was filled with pictures of the Winter Wonderland and playing in the snow…

But now? We all just want it to be over!!!!!!

I remember reading somewhere that January 7th is the most depressing day of the year – the holidays are officially over and people are heading back to school and to work. And the winter depression settles in – end of January / February – it just feels like Spring will never arrive.

And then …. I think we all lost our patience when this ice storm hit the NY / NJ area a few days ago….

So, what to do? How do we pull ourselves out of the grey and dreariness we’re experiencing day after day?

Here are some tips I think would be helpful.

1. Go to Florida !!!!!! ok, this isn’t possible for everyone – but each day I check out Accuweather’s website and I see my hometown, my husband’s hometown, and Miami. (why I torture myself I’m not sure) So each day I see the following:

NJ – 23 degrees

KY – 30 degrees

Miami – 80 degrees

You kind of want to hurt someone Smile

And for those of us who can’t exactly run away to Florida for some much needed sun and warmth, hopefully some of my other tips will be helpful ..

2. Vitamin D – I’m sure by now you have heard at least SOMEONE discuss the benefits of Vitamin D (the list is endless) One of the biggest benefits of Vitamin D is that it helps depression. When the days are short with very little sunshine – it is very easy for our moods to be low and those depressive feelings sink in. Every adult should be taking at least 1,000 units of Vitamin D a day (those numbers change depending if you’re pregnant, nursing etc.. If you have chronic health issues the amount you take should be a LOT higher) Go get yourself a bottle!

3. Taking advantage of the little sunshine – Since the daylight hours are very short – it’s important to take advantage of the little sun we get. Even if you can’t get out of the house (it’s too cold, small baby etc) sit by the window and let the rays of light shine on you. It will help!

4. The Evils of Sugar – let’s face it people. Sugar is bad for you. Plain and simple. No matter how you dress it up – sugar is still bad for you. I’m mentioning this here because one of the problems with sugar is that it creates blood sugar spikes and MOOD SWINGS !!!!!!!!!! Sugar also compromises the immune system – and in this weather – if you’re not moving around as much, you can be more susceptible to colds, flus etc. (ever wonder why everyone seems to get sick around the holidays? Think it’s the weather? Nope – it’s the overdosing of nosh!)

5. Exercise – who wants to strip down and get on the treadmill when you just want to hide in oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants ?? As much as I hate to think of it, exercise does get the blood pumping, the endorphins moving and really does improve our mood and a great way to lift the spirits on the grey days.

Sure, easier said than done – so I say – instead of getting on the treadmill how about some winter activities? How about a snowball fight? Or how about shoveling snow? My hubby spent over 3 hours shoveling the ice and snow from the driveway and sidewalk!! Imagine the calories burned from that! (oh you want to know what I was doing? I was working on the icy steps!) Save the marathon runs for springtime and get creative with winter exercises Smile

6. Embrace it don’t fight it – I’m a fighter. It’s a great trait but can also be my Achilles heel at times. I’ve learned that we need to embrace where we are in life and that includes the SEASON! If we fight and get frustrated and agitated – well that doesn’t help things much now does it? Embrace the grey … embrace the cold … and embrace the fact that it’s WINTER! Learn to love it again… Lighting fires in the fireplace, come up with new hot chocolate recipes, embrace the wintery ness. Maybe head to the library and find some new authors to read. Cliché as it sounds – curl up on the couch with a good book !

7. Aromatherapy – its proven that essential oils has a great effect on our moods and overall health. Citrus oils are energizing and uplifting scents. Orange, lemon and grapefruit oils are inexpensive (especially orange), so try a diffuser and send uplifting spirits through your whole house!

I would love to hear how YOU handle the winter blues… what do you do to get through the dreariness?


Posted by on February 3, 2011 in Emotional Health, Mental Health


2 responses to “Sick of this Winter Wonderland??

  1. Chanieee

    February 3, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    III like to do stuff inside that keeps me busy like learning a new language or practicing piano 🙂
    allsooo I love snowball fights but no one ever wants to play with me. so I throw them at them anyway. Its good fun 🙂

    • mrsduby

      February 3, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      oooh Chanie what a great idea !!! To have a special “winter activity”
      lots of time i’ll say “that will be something i can work on over the summer” – but it would be great to have something like that specifically for the winter so we have something exciting to keep our minds occupied during the dark wintery days.

      thanks for the comment Chan !!!!


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