Lesson of the Day

16 Jan


Ever since the inception of The 5 Pillars – I’m constantly on the lookout for things that inspire blog posts. While it may sound strange, it’s not that uncommon for me to see something and get a spark of inspiration to pass along to my readers.

And so – here’s the lesson of the day.

This incident took place a few weeks ago, before our big blizzard.

I was washing dishes and I looked outside the window and saw about 4 -5 squirrels in our backyard searching for any shred of an acorn to save up for winter. So I went to our cabinet and took out a package of walnuts and threw a few handfuls on the deck to help the squirrels in their search for food Smile (ps – don’t tell my husband I did that, those walnuts are organic and my guess is that they’re not cheap.) Anyways, I went back to my washing dishes and waited for them to figure out there is food on the wooden deck.

I’ve learned that it takes the little critters a good few hours (sometimes a whole day) for them to finally figure out that there is food on the deck – because they are working nose to the ground covering every inch of grass rummaging for acorns. Lo and behold a few hours later (after i finished the dishes and cleaned the entire kitchen) I see a squirrel on the deck! He’s found the walnuts! Yippee!!!

So I sit and watch the little guy for a moment – because it’s just so fun… And I watch the following scene. There are about 100 walnuts on the deck – plenty for ALL their friends – and Mr. Squirrel takes ONE walnut (and mind you – it’s not even a WHOLE walnut – they are shelled and halved!) He takes that ONE little half of a walnut, climbs to the top of the deck railing and proceeds to eat this half of a walnut. I promise you, it took the guy close to 2 minutes to eat that teeny walnut – and only when he was completely finished did he go back to the deck floor, pick up piece number 2- then go back to the top of the deck and proceed to eat that one. I was simply amazed. It takes me about 2.5 seconds to wolf down an entire handful of walnuts – and i stand by the bowl waiting till I swallow to take my second handful!

It didn’t take me long to realize such a wonderful lesson from these cute and cuddly creatures. Each and every morsel of food was cherished and enjoyed. Mindfully eating every piece, one at a time and not gorging. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold – watching the squirrel eat his nuts slowly and deliberately (I had to throw that in for you – you know who you are Smile)

And that my dear is the lesson of the day!

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