What Diet Are You On ?

13 Jan

Cartoon_--_crouton_makes_saladI have a relative (who will remain anonymous obviously) and without fail every time I speak with her, she asks me one or both of the following questions:

“What diet are you on these days?” and

“So how much weight have you lost?”

I despise these questions. I guess maybe years ago, when I was constantly dieting and worrying about the numbers on the scale then sure, I’d have no problem chatting for hours about the foods I stay away from, what diet I was following and what exercises work / don’t work to help trim down.

What changed?

The perspective. The problem is the perspective and the way many of us look at our bodies. When the priority is the weight – and how thin we want to be – then the attitude is flat out wrong. WRONG. Sure, this is Duby’s opinion, but you have to admit: I’m right Smile

Duby’s Quoting Dr. Oz again (shocking!)

Dr. Oz – who’s not really a favorite of mine, did say something a while back that I give kudos for. He said

“When you focus on changing your lifestyle, then the weight will follow.” In other words, our focus is supposed to be on healthy eating and lifestyle habits and only when that happens does the weight follow suit. And I couldn’t agree more!

I am not on a diet – nor have been on a diet in a LOOONG time. (ok there was that brief 2 week period when I wanted to look super good in my dress for my cousin’s wedding – so I did a quick dieting thing right before J) But dieting is no longer in my vocabulary.

Do you Live to eat or eat to live?New-Year-Diet-33

I was watching a talk show the other day, and the talk show hosts were discussing their individual relationships with food. It was obvious that the Vegan of the group had the healthiest attitude towards food (and became the brunt of the jokes Smile) They all agreed that “granola girl” looked at food differently from them as she “ate to live” while the rest of them “live to eat.” Many people say we need to change our attitudes when it comes to eating but it suddenly occurred to me that that the change of attitude is only half the solution.

Which comes first, the Attitude or the Lifestyle?

Maybe the attitude change comes when we change how we eat! Ever since I’ve changed my eating habits – and I mean completely change my eating habits I see food very differently. I don’t mean just cutting out sugar or staying away from noshy foods – I’m talking about eating “Real Food.” Eating organic, sprouted grains, fruits and veggies – and ya know what ? Cravings Do NOT exist. I’ll repeat that:


Sure, you might be thinking “yeah right – well you don’t love food as much as I do?” I’d like to say that it’s simply not true – I grew up craving pasta dishes and potato dishes and anything carby and yummy and if it had the word breaded in it – I was eating seconds! But now, it’s just not the case – I really do see food as nourishment for my body and when I eat better I FEEL better. Food isn’t something I do when I’m bored, but I use food as a source of healthy energy. And this attitude shift ONLY came AFTER I changed how and what I ate. Interesting no?

So I couldn’t help but wonder – that yes, the granola girl might be the one who sees food as nourishment to achieve the healthiest life possible – but isn’t it possible that her healthy attitude stems from her healthy lifestyle?

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