Embracing the Step the Baby

09 Jan

Steps_jpegHappy 2011 my friends! How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Maybe you’ve realized that it’s time to get healthy? Maybe you’re feeling sluggish lately and are looking for a boost of energy? Or maybe you’re just sick of eating chips and diet coke throughout the day? Or as I spoke about in a recent post – maybe you got some medical news that has made you realize you need to be on top of your current health situation and make some changes.

So how do you do it without getting overwhelmed and end up giving up?

Like I said in a recent post But Duby, I Don’t Have Time To Be Healthy! its all about Baby Steps.

The Baby Step Formula is NOT easy

No matter what goal you are working towards – the “Baby Step Formula” is really the best way to go because in the long run it will stick. (Think of those diets where you lose a ton of weight really quickly vs. the plan where you lose the weight slowly – you’re more likely to keep it off!) So why is it “easier said than done?” Why is it so difficult to allow those baby steps to add up and eventually accomplish our goal?

When do we want it? We want it NOW!

Well, I’d like to remind you of our wonderful fast paced society. Our world today values instant gratification and instant goals. We want something – we buy it NOW. We want to do something – we do it NOW. (A great example: Years ago, sending your friend a letter takes TIME… but today – you send your friend an email. And even THAT is too slow today. Today it’s a text, or BBM or chat) Everything is NOW NOW NOW. So, is it any wonder why we try these quick fix diets in order to lose 40 pounds in 2 months? We take medical drugs and we’re back on our feet in 2 days? Sadly, we don’t value hard work over long periods of time….

This is why the Baby Step Formula is so difficult – because not only are you battling the actual problem but you’re also battling the mentality that we ALL have been raised with –wanting to make those changes TODAY and have it fixed TODAY …

We have now acknowledged that this is a difficult and LONG journey. It isn’t a sprint – but a marathon.

I was thinking what kind of examples I could bring on utilizing baby steps in your own journey towards health – but I found a slight problem in doing so. Because we are all at a different places in our lives, it is obvious that what’s considered a baby step for you will be a giant leap for others. So there went that idea Smile

Instead – I decided to list the “right way” (or better yet – the Duby way 😉 in creating those baby steps to begin on the road to your goals!

The Non – Duby Way

The Duby Way

I want to be skinny

I want to lose 10 pounds (definitive)

I’m going on the treadmill every day

I’m going on the treadmill twice a week (more attainable)

From now on, no more carbs

I will begin swapping out whole grains instead of white grains

From now on only organic veggies

I will buy only organic strawberries and apples (or other fruits etc)

From now on, I will be a good daughter

I will call my mom once a week (or twice a month)

I’m going to organize my entire house

I will organize the hallway closet

I will no longer get upset when …. happens

If I feel upset I will go for a walk / write in my journal etc.

I’m going to save money

I will set up a weekly automatic transfer of $20 to my savings account

I’m going to only eat healthy foods

I will eat a veggie snack at work instead of a noshy snack.

Get the point a bissle ?

Baby steps towards what you want to achieve. The trick is doing it small. Once you do it small – you get the snowball rolling… sure, the ultimate goal might be to “organize your entire house” or to “go on the treadmill every day” but by doing it in small increments, soon you’ll see that you achieved your goal – one step at a time!


2 responses to “Embracing the Step the Baby

  1. Chevee

    January 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    Wow! This was just the post I needed to read (hear) Thanks!!

  2. mrsduby

    January 10, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Thanks for hte comment Chevs! Always good to know SOMEONE is enjoying my posts 🙂


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