New Years Resolutions – yay or nay?

02 Jan

new years resoltuionDo Resolutions Work?

The entire world (and by entire world, I mean the media) tell us that New Year’s resolutions are silly and usually don’t work. Just the other day I was watching an interview with Bethany Frankl (who I have PLENTY of opinions about) and she said New Year’s resolutions never EVER work. In her opinion the trick is just to be healthier the minute you decide. It just takes a split second. (or something like that)

Of course, Duby disagrees. (I love disagreeing with mainstream opinions!) I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions! I love Birthday resolutions! I love any excuse or any time of year that allows us to take a minute to evaluate where we’re at, and where we want to be. One reason why I believe that New Year’s resolutions DO work (contrary to popular opinion) is because when you are ‘resolute’ about something – when you WANT something, there really is nothing that can stop you.

The definition of the term resolute: Firm or determined; unwavering. (thank you online dictionary).

And as the famous Jewish saying goes – there is nothing that stands in the way of Ratzon (will).

Call me crazy, but I find making resolutions really fun. For starters – they always involve a list Smile. You have to list ideas of what you’d like to accomplish – and we all know I get giddy when it comes to utilizing a pen and paper. But mainly, I love writing down my dreams and goals. I don’t want to just soar through life reacting to whatever happens to or around me. No, I want to CREATE my life – and be proactive. Which means: if I want to lose weight (for example) – I know I can’t just sit around all year hoping that the pounds will magically melt off my body – ha! I know it takes work to accomplish goals and I know that by writing them down as well as the steps needed to achieve them, they are much more likely to happen! (It’s a fact by the way – for those of you thinking I’m just talking out of my ass. It’s proven that when you WRITE down your goal on a paper the chances of them happening greatly increase.)

So for me, resolutions are fun Smile

The problem I think – and the reason why many people see their New Year’s resolutions fail is because they’re looking at them, and formulating them in the wrong way.

Here are a few pointers in getting those resolutions rocking!

1. Baby Steps –

I discussed a few weeks ago about embracing baby steps. Sure you want to lose weight, and it’s good to be ambitious, but don’t shoot for the 50 pounds right away. I believe it was at a Weight Watchers meeting where I learned that the goal should be “5 pounds at a time.” 5 pounds is a doable goal, it’s attainable and it boosts your confidence to continue on till you actually hit the 50 pound mark!

2. Remember your season.

Say you want to start running. Well, does it make sense to make that resolution the day after our major BLIZZARD? Who goes running in shorts and a tank top in the winter? Exactly. A better resolution would be to do exercises so that when the sun does come out, you will be ready to hit the pavement running! (pun intended)

3. Do you really want to do this, or do you feel like you have to?

Suppose you really want to organize your finances, or your house. Well, you know it’s a good idea, you know it’s the healthier thing to do – but do you really WANT to do it, or are you only making that resolution because you feel you have to? (Or because it’s the right thing to do.) Remember, a resolution only works when you WANT it. Otherwise, it’s never going to happen.

4. Support Support Support (like a good bra).

One of my first posts was about the importance of having a good support system. Here’s the thing when it comes to resolutions. On one hand, you need support – on the other hand, you’re better off on your own. It’s like shopping at the mall with your girlfriend. It potentially can be great – or it can be a huge time waster and you come home with all your money and no shopping bags. If there is something you are committed to doing (let’s use the weight loss example) then yes, having that ONE person help or support you, – maybe a jogging buddy – then yes, it’s a good idea and you can encourage each other along the way. However, if your friend is tired one day and wants to skip the morning walk – does that mean you will skip it also? It becomes a catch 22.

Another interesting thing about telling others about your resolution is that you’re inherently losing some of that passion. I learned about this with regards to aspiring writers and authors. If you’re going to spend all afternoon talking to your friends with great enthusiasm over a new project you’re tackling, well my dear, you’re ultimately losing some of that steam and some of that passion will fizzle out. Passion that you could and should have been using to get your butt moving to work on your new fascinating project!

This is why your resolution has to come from inside YOU – and it needs to be so powerful that you don’t “need” that friend along the way. It’s an interesting dichotomy, whether or not to go solo. So I say if you feel like you NEED that chubby buddy on your weight loss journey – I would first ask myself “why?” Is it because it will enhance your journey… or is it because you don’t feel strong enough, or have the inner drive to really “git r done?” (for you redneck fans out there)

As for me, I am TOTALLY psyched about my New Year’s resolutions – AND my dear readers, in my next post I will let you know what they are!

Here’s to a pretty awesome 2011!


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