Do you Go to Work When You’re Sick?

29 Dec

How many of us are guilty of doing this? (all of us perhaps?)

sick personWell, the truth is right now, I’m under the weather (that’s putting it mildly!) I’m sneezing, congested, coughing a little bit, and it’s not totally fun. But yet, I’ve been thinking about my blog and all the posts I want to write and how behind I’m falling in my posting schedule (yes I have one) and New Years is just a few days away – and I have resolutions to post about!

But then quite ironically – I remembered a post I had been working on called “Do you go to work when you’re sick?” – and I was in the process of documenting the stupidity involved with going to work while under the weather. Such as – causing your body to be more weak than it already is, spreading germs to co-workers and other very good reasons why you should JUST STAY HOME!

And yesterday, in between sneezing and blowing my nose, I realized a reason above all other reasons why you should take the freaking day off. And it was the SAME reason why I wanted to post on my blog and was willing to work my tired brain when I knew I shouldn’t.

Its quite simple:

Taking time to be Sick Means = Putting yourself before others

Taking a day (or two, or three) when you’re sick – means putting yourself first before others, at a time when you must. It means declaring “my body is important and I need to take time for myself.” It means refusing to obey the rules of others, deadlines, or even being a slave to the few bucks you feel you NEED. It means understanding that if you don’t make your health a priority now – the body will be even weaker after you push yourself to go to work and possibly make things worse.

I was guilty of this exact thing … I thought to myself “I haven’t blogged since a week before Christmas!” “people are counting on me!” “I need to blog about New Years!” All these things – means I was putting everyone else before me. Granted, I love blogging and thankfully there really is no pressure or deadlines that I have to follow (its all self – induced) but isn’t that what we ALL do when we go to work when we are sick? We are saying that our boss/students/clients are more important than we are. That we think the world will collapse without us. Everyone else’s needs are more important than our own.

A bunch of years ago, I remember my brother telling me he was really sick while in Yeshiva – it was a really bad flu (or something) and he had to miss classes for a bit (don’t recall the exact amount.) Back then as a teen, and with my warped little attitude – I asked my brother (I’m quoting here) “are you going to get in trouble for missing so much school?” And he answered me (I’m quoting here- I have a good memory) “I’m sick.” – He’s a man of little words. He basically said and I’m loosely translating here, “Fuck everyone else. I’m not pretending to be sick like a dog and therefore I’m not going to school.”

Well, I guess my brother is smarter than I give him credit for Smile

So even though I had an aching desire to blog for my readers – I told myself NO – I needed to put my needs first and put my blogging on hold for a bit.

Alright my dears, I’m going back to my tea before it gets cold … back to drowning in a sea of tissues… and back to watching movies on Netflix, hulu, and our awesome home server….And I’m sure no one will mind reading my New Year’s posts in February – right? Smile

And PS – if you find yourself feeling a bit under the weather this time of year – TAKE A FREAKIN DAY OFF!!!


Posted by on December 29, 2010 in Physical Health


2 responses to “Do you Go to Work When You’re Sick?

  1. Eli Spalter

    December 29, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Sorry, I can’t see Isaac saying
    “Fuck everyone else. … I’m not going to school

    • mrsduby

      December 29, 2010 at 2:53 pm

      hence the “loose” translation.
      but it is pretty much what he meant (although he’ll have to comment for us to know for sure :))


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