Minimalism in a Present Filled World

09 Dec


homemade_giftsI recently spoke about how minimalism is a good habit to pick up – for us especially, since we have recently left the corporate rat race life behind. Aside from sparing change, minimalism also has some wonderful health benefits (which I won’t discuss now) but eventually I’ll get to it Smile

With just a few weeks under my belt living this new lifestyle of “minimalistic Duby” I realized I picked the HARDEST time of year to do this!

I absolutely love love love buying presents for people – shopping for them, walking through the malls and looking at all the different things on display – wrapping the gifts all pretty – I think I love giving gifts more than receiving them! But, this year we decided on a “no present” policy (aside from the one gift we each give to our “Secret Santa”) but otherwise – no money shelling out this year. We’ll see what happens for next year, but for this year – I’m staying FAR away from the malls – lest I be enticed. But even staying away from the malls doesn’t help because I get all these awesome emails with all the fun sales !!!! There’s just no getting away from it!

So then I wised up and realized this is where the beauty of “making your own gifts” comes in handy. In some ways making your own gift can have greater satisfaction than buying the gift – because when you create your gift it takes creativity, thought and planning! You simply can’t just run to the mall with this one.

The trick with creating a homemade gift – is to figure out what you’re good at.

What’s your talent?

Whatever your talent is – you can utilize that as a gift!

– Are you an amazing baker? Do baked goods or cookie / muffin mixtures inhomemade-food-gifts.s600x600 a pretty jar and as a gift.

– Do you love to draw? How about a personalized artistic masterpiece done by yours truly? (I LOVE this idea)

– Maybe you’re really good at organizing – offer a free hour or two of your priceless service to your friend.

– Maybe you’re a wiz mom – how about offering to take your friends’ kids for an evening – free of babysitting charge!

– Maybe you’re the family photographer (like I am Smile) – create a collage or a small photo album!

There are a million ideas of how to utilize your talents…

And then it’s time to get to work!

The drawback of a homemade gift is generally the same as its beautiful advantages – that it takes creativity, thinking it out and planning it! It takes much longer, time and energy than ordering something on Amazon – and that’s why it’s not something many people are quick to say they will do.

But I can’t help but think these types of gifts are ones that people would keep around so much longer than a store bought something (unless its cookies – then it will last very short!) and knowing someone worked so hard on something for you – surely they will appreciate it so much more. A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday and she told all her family and friends that this year she is in a “no gift zone.” She suggested to her loved ones that she would rather written up memories that everyone has with her – and she would be able to cherish that. (although I have to insert a caveat here that she’s a Bubby – so sentimental is her middle name 😉

So, if you decided to go easy on your bank accounts and get crafty this year and make homemade gifts – – Have a wonderful Holiday season – and good luck on leaving your wallets at home!


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3 responses to “Minimalism in a Present Filled World

  1. Chanie

    December 12, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Really nice ideas for talented, creative people. But where does that leave the rest of us?

  2. Dena T

    December 19, 2010 at 3:14 am

    finally got around to reading this. love the ideas! so, since you’re the family photographer, can i hire you to do portraits? 🙂


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