31 Posts in 31 Days….

10 Nov

For those of us that are in the Blogging World – November is National Blogging month. There is acronym for it actually but I’m too lazy to look it up – but take my word for it – it exists. Throughout the month of November the blogger is to post EVERY day! It gets people charged, enthused and excited to blog – and it’s a fun little challenge to see if you can actually post EVERY day!


Well, I thought about it for 2.5 seconds and then laughed and said “hell no!” – there is no way I would write a post every day and there is no way I would wrack my brains to try to do it either… so sorry honey – aint happening.


I thought about WHY I wouldn’t join the club though. Was it because I couldn’t hack it? I couldn’t rise to the challenge and be ABLE to post every day? Well, sure i don’t think my writing is Harvard material necessarily – but I do have some self confidence in my writings… so that couldn’t be it. And then, I recalled something I read a while back about A-List blogging. The rule is: Blog when you have something to say. The goal of most blogs isn’t to ramble (although many people do ramble on their blogs – myself included) – but I always have a point to bring across with something to accomplish. And I think that’s important. I don’t take to my blog to let the world know I had eggs for breakfast (although some of you might know that would be impossible since I have been eating vegan for the past month 😉 – but no, my posts are important – they are educational (I try) – and I hope they are entertaining. So no, I won’t be joining this blogging craze – just to be able to say “I posted” every day. Naah, I’d rather stick to blogging when I have something poignant to say and know that I did a good job with it as well.


And that’s my pointless rambling post for today 🙂


Have a wonderful November people !


Posted by on November 10, 2010 in Misc. Ramblings


2 responses to “31 Posts in 31 Days….

  1. Avrumie

    November 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    I have one word for you, “Quitter”

    • mrsduby

      November 10, 2010 at 3:12 pm

      shhh…. im trying to make it look like this was a well thought out and wise decision ….. !!!!!


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