Weathering the Storms – Good or Bad

20 Oct

I realize I have not blogged in a while… (and for me, that’s like a week!) I miss my little 5 Pillars homepage – and I miss clicking that little “publish” button that gets me all giddy 🙂  But things have been so hectic and busy around here that I just haven’t had the head, heart or energy to produce a good blog post. Sure, I have a bunch of pieces in line – ready to be finished – edited and posted – but like I said – I just don’t have the head for it right now.


So here I am sitting on the couch – about to watch a movie and veg for a bit – when it suddenly came to me. The PERFECT blog post for this exact moment of my life – would be about “weathering the storms!” –I’m not gonna give my usual “How To’s” or a lengthy piece on what lessons we learn from life’s storms or anything too philosophical. (naah not in the mood for anything too deep)


Nope — tonight my I’m just going to throw one little thought out there and it goes like this:


Life is full of storms ….sometimes the storms are beautiful and amazing and wonderful (think: planning a wedding, planning a baby, planning a new home etc etc…) sometimes they can be downright awful (think: all those icky storms you’ve been through :):) – no need to enumerate them) — but the fact is that life is filled with them. You can also call them waves I guess — up and down.


Sooooo we cant change that. They are GOING to happen.


The trick is having our health in tip top shape in order to WEATHER those storms. If our physical health, our mental health – if things are strong, and tough, then come a little wind and a little rain – we’re not going to fall over. Even a hurricane – sure we might bend or even trip a bit – but it won’t do too much damage because our bodies are able to weather the shock.


Let me give a really fun example to illustrate my point.


When I got married – yeah I was exercising here and there (I wanted to look good in my dress afterall :)) and I was eating pretty healthfully (more or less) – but come that first dance of my wedding and I was WIPED out …. I was EXHAUSTED during dancing at my wedding. (ok there are lots of reasons I was so tired, and probably none of them have to do with eating right … more like the fact that I was involved in every little detail of the wedding and so all the stress was on my head) – but the fact was – after the chuppah I was ready to go home and go to sleep!


A few months later, I went to my friend’s wedding — and during dancing I kept asking her if she wanted to sit down, if she wanted to rest … I asked her if she wanted to eat during the meal …. And the whole time she kept telling me she was absolutely FINE … and the truth is – she WAS absolutely fine! She barely needed to sit, barely needed to eat, and wasn’t tired at ALL during dancing – like I had been.  What was the difference between my friend and me? Well for starters – she’s a freakin personal trainer and gives fitness classes at the gym 5 days a week – so a little dancing barely winded her …. And well, thanks to her family – she didn’t need to do much for her wedding plans – so when the time came – she weathered the storm pretty darn well and was able to dance her night away…


Ok – I know the above example is kind of silly and weird (give me a break ok? It’s the first one I came up with – and I think it brought out the point pretty well!!! And like I said – I’m tired this week 🙂 ) —


The point is — you know for yourself – when you haven’t been sleeping … or you’ve been living on Diet coke and potato chips — a late night out with the chicks in the cold night air – suddenly you get the sniffles and a sore throat. When you’ve been stressed out like crazy because of your job demands and late nights and your nerves are completely shot and have no patience left  …… you’re more likely to “snap” when theres a crisis in your family.


Its silly to think you can keep the weather at a calm beautiful 72 degrees every day of your life (hey, not all of us live in Los Angeles!) – but the fact is that if we take care of ourselves – and not just eating a salad for dinner – but by taking care of our bodies as a whole (mentally, emotionally blah blah blah) then when the hurricane DOES come — it wont knock down your entire roof – but will just feel like a small rain shower :):)


Aight everyone, time for my movie —and time to shut off the brain for a while …

Hope to be back soon……


Posted by on October 20, 2010 in Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health


2 responses to “Weathering the Storms – Good or Bad

  1. Chanie P.

    November 1, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    love this post. so true!!

    • mrsduby

      November 1, 2010 at 9:46 pm

      Thanks !


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