If 3 People Tell You You’re Drunk…Go Lay Down

11 Oct

My teacher in high school once told me “If 3 people tell you you’re drunk, then go lay down.”

She had told me this pearl of wisdom when I attempted to do a term paper on a difficult subject while classmates and other teachers told me it would be too complicated to write and I shouldn’t tackle it. Well, I like me a challenge – especially when it feels “right” – and when this teacher told me this line about weird drunk people, instead of discouraging me from doing the term paper and changing topics, it actually lit a fire under my ass just to prove that if I could dream it … I could achieve it. And achieve it I did … (and duh, I got an A on the paper :))

I’ll never forget that story, because it serves as a constant reminder of who I am and my beliefs. If Edison, Bell, or Newton – if any of these guys listened to their peers and believed they really were “drunk” where would we be today without their inventions and contributions to society?

Here’s another story that I love remembering – along the same lines:

In my freshman year in College I had this one teacher who seemed exceptionally – well – horrible. His teaching style was just off; his quizzes and homework were beyond impossible and this bothered me greatly because I work hard, am a good student and I was doing fine in my other subjects- so assuming the problem was with me, I signed up for peer tutoring. Even with the tutoring, and the extra studying, something about this teacher felt “off” and I couldn’t believe that his style would be considered “ok” in the eyes of the administration. But who was I to judge a teacher’s methods? I was only a freshman and anyone who knew me will tell you this particular subject is NOT my forte.

While in a meeting with my academic advisor, I mentioned my difficulties with this class and with the professor specifically and I asked the advisor if there was anything I could do about it. Could I complain? Could I let someone know that this teacher was a ‘retard?’ (for lack of better words :)) – my advisor, ever so sympathetically told me no. Teachers generally have free reign over what they teach and of course every style is different and she let me know that during my college career I could get stuck with a teacher that just doesn’t resonate with me.

Long story short – she was telling me to suck it up and just go with it.

I left her office slightly upset; feeling like I was stuck in a crappy situation with nothing to do about it…..

Let’s fast forward to the good part shall we?

After a semester of “sucking it up” and a horrific experience in this teachers presence – I decided that sure, I had to deal with this teacher, but I wasn’t going to walk away with my mouth shut. Sure, it might not help, but at least I know I did my part. So, after submitting my final, I composed a lengthy letter to the Chair of the Business department at my college – detailing the insane antics the professor pulled over the semester. I kept my emotions in tact (ooh how I hated him) – I spoke only of the facts – and I handed it over to the department head. And boy did it feel good. But more than good – it felt RIGHT.

Granted, I never heard from the department Head…. But when I returned the following semester, I did some investigating and found out that the professor…. (you guessed it)  was fired and no longer teaching at the college.

It felt good knowing that I – with my own little/big mouth – was able to create a change in a large institution. The rest of my classmates agreed with me that the guy was a horrible teacher – but seemingly, I was the only one who felt strongly enough to stand up and actually try to do something about it.

Ok, so what does this have to do with health?

And what (you’re probably asking) does this have anything to do with Being drunk?!

Here’s my point – and I’ll try to make it concise 🙂

My point is that in life, people will try to convince you you’re “drunk.” How you shouldn’t do things that way…. Or you should just accept the “norm.” And since SO many people believe you are “drunk” well then – you should go “lay down” because SO many people disagree with you! Sure my examples in high school and college are just small incidents compared with real life scenarios – but the lessons hold true no matter when.

Too often I get flack, slack, and crap because of my views on natural medicine…. People give me the attitude of “when will you go to a NORMAL doctor?” and other such statements. Telling me that since I do things differently, then I must be “drunk” because who am I to challenge, question or do things differently than YOU think is correct?

But I have to do what’s right for ME. Everyone has different views, different methods and different paths…. And this doesn’t only apply to health but to all facets of life. The way you practice religion, the way you raise your children …. There will AWLAYS be people who believe you’re doing it “wrong” or “badly” because it’s not MAINSTREAM. The most heart wrenching and difficult part of this is that these attitudes generally come from your closest friends and family… the people that LOVE you and CARE about you – and therefore by asserting their opinions – just like my loving high school teacher who was looking out for me – they want to “protect” me (and you) from making a colossal mistake.

Listen to your heart:

SO what to do? Sure it’s difficult and downright exhausting to argue, defend, and debate your position – but more importantly it’s A WASTE OF TIME. You need to listen to your HEART … not what you’re nosy grandmother is telling you …. Not what you’re annoying neighbor is telling you … what does your HEART tell you? Maybe you need to change paths and direction…. or maybe you don’t. The most important thing to remember is to tune in to what your intuition, your heart and your gut is telling you…..

And once you’re heart tells you to what the correct path is for YOU  – then don’t waste another minute arguing with others in trying to prove that you are in fact NOT DRUNK.

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