What Do Pimples & Tears Have in Common?

06 Oct

What Do Pimples & Tears Have in Common?

If you answered: “well pimples make you cry!” I would say you’re partially right. Sure pimples are a pain in the you know where and can lead to hysterics (although I’ve never actually SEEN anyone get hysterical over a pimple) – but their connection is a bit deeper than that, one that I find pretty darn interesting.


Well, before we understand what they have in common – lets first understand what a pimple really is. Since none of us here are strangers to pimples (otherwise known as zits, acne etc.) – most of you probably already know that a pimple is what happens when our pores are clogged.  What is actually clogging our pores depends … sometimes bacteria, maybe sweat, maybe some makeup that is irritating the skin.  Other times its foods in our diet that help produce (or over produce) more oil secretions from our glands – and that can cause inflammation in our skin (or pimples).
Before I bore you (and myself) with scientific mumble jumble – what you need to know about pimples is that it’s a defense mechanism that the skin uses to get rid of bacteria quickly and effectively before that bacteria can become a larger threat to the body. It’s quite literally “pushing” the bacteria to the surface to get it far away.


So, although a big pain in the butt – pimples are inherently a good thing! (sort of ;))

And here’s how what they have in common with tears.


Tears in essence do the same thing a pimple does — when emotions build up inside us – tears and crying is the body’s way of pushing to the surface those harsh and difficult emotions. The pain, the suffering, the grief, whatever it may be – we have this beautiful and HEALTHY way of letting these emotions move through us – and eventually let them go – as opposed to those emotions being “trapped” inside. If these emotions (whatever they may be) get bottled up inside – similar to bacteria on our skin – well, obviously it can lead to larger problems down the line.

There are lots of examples (and fun ones too!) of people who for whatever reason do not know how, or cannot effectively deal with their emotions. So for instance, they might have frightening outbursts of anger because they are too used to repressing these feelings inside of them… like a pot of water that has boiled over. There are lots of fun examples of “repressed emotions gone bad!” but the point is that emotions are GOOD … and so are tears! 🙂


I find this so darn interesting because often we hear an adult say to a child “oh, stop acting like a baby! Grow up and quit your crying”

Or “big girls don’t cry!”

Or “don’t be such a cry baby!”

Or “stop crying and you’ll get a treat”

Or another favorite of mine, “There she goes again with the water works… women & their hormones!”


These messages ALL teach us (at any age) that tears – and the emotions that accompany those tears are WRONG. Crying is equated with immaturity, childishness and not having it “together.”


So the next time you’re in the mood of a good cry – think of it as a healthy detox – expelling those pent up emotions, and grab the box of tissues and cry away! (I’d like to recommend Puffs tissues.. they’re super soft on the shnoz  :))

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