Holidays Are Over!!!! Tips On Getting Back to “Normal”

04 Oct

My thoughts exactly during the month of Tishrei 🙂

The Holidays Are Over! Time to Get Back to NORMAL LIFE!!!!!!!!

The holidays are over and all we want to do is just GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL LIVES!! Right? We’re sick of eating, sick of the lack of routine – and we just want to get back to work , going to the gym and doing our other normal weekly activities! Here’s the number 1 problem with that.

We jump in too fast!

On Sunday (day after Yom tov ended) Facebook was flooded with statuses talking about doing laundry, cleaning up houses, washing all the dishes –– and there was the enthusiasm just to be ‘normal’ again. We want to get up early, get started and just do it!

Getting thrown back into our work and school schedules helps us get back to “normal” after this incessantly long holiday season! If you think about it for a moment – for an ENTIRE month it has been non stop holiday planning, traveling, shopping for food, cooking the food and eating the food. Getting dressed up, going to Shul, eating again and sleeping. What a schedule!!!!

How do I transition back into my normal life routine after the holidays?

Start Slow:

The number one rule with getting back into routine is to START slow! You don’t want to go from 0-100 in one day, and the next week or two should hold the same principle. Start slowly shifting into routine again!


Even if you ate SUPER healthfully over the chagim (and if you did, you should give yourself a big pat on the back and some stickers!),  the fact remains that even if you did eat very carefully, the holiday schedules has us eating larger meals more often than our bodies are used to. So obviously the number one thing is to begin eating as we are used to.

Duby’s Tip: This is VERY important. If you have been binge eating – eating lots of cake, cookies, desserts etc over the Yom Tov – don’t go extreme in starting a whole new diet the second Yom Tov is over. Even though you might be DYING to just start your diet and get back to “normal” I strongly recommend you DON’T do that (yet). You don’t want to shock your system from eating white challah, sugary desserts etc – to quitting cold turkey. You don’t want your blood sugar to have such a dramatic change. The trick is to do it slowly. (which yes it means tapering off the sweets, white bread etc over a few days)


Sure, that bag of leftover Challah is sitting on the counter – all doughy and mushy and BEGGING to be eaten —- THROW IT OUT!!!!! Ok – a nicer idea might be to feed it to the birds and squirrels. Guaranteed – if the leftovers are there, you will eat it! (or someone will :)) That heavenly dessert was heavenly – but the holidays are over :):)

Go Shopping!

Sure, you might not be interested in making yet another trip to the grocery store – so after that feeling of “I’m never eating again” wears off, time to make a plan of action – aka – Shopping List! Go visit your  favorite health food store – I find just walking into my health shoppe inspires me to eat better and live healthier – as opposed to walking into Shoprite, Acme or Stop n Shop which just reminds me that Halloween is coming up and we need to buy CANDY!!!!! (big difference!)

Don’t go overboard on your menu planning for this week or two – and just shop for a few basic staples –

Veggies, fruits, whole grains (sprouted) – ya know – the usual stuff 🙂

Getting Rid of that Extra Bloat:

GET RID OF SALT!!!! I know this might sound simple – but it really works …. For a while, try cutting back on your salt intake, and INCREASE the amount of water you drink, and you’ll notice that the extra puffiness on your face will start to diminish.

If you are really serious about getting rid of the excess bloat – there are certain veggies that help with flushing out the water from your system – while other veggies can INCREASE the gassiness (example: Cabbage is a very gassy veggie :))

Lemon Water is an excellent way to detox your body gently. An 8 oz. glass of water with juice from half of lemon once a day can help your body flush out the gross stuff 🙂


DUH! This one is a no-brainer. So here are just a few basic tips for getting back into it. Once again, start slow. My recommendation (as funny as it may sound) DO NOT DO MAJOR EXERCISE THE FIRST WEEK BACK!!!!! One thing I learned from being a Weight Watchers member is that they never tell you to start exercising until the 3rd week into the program. The reason for this is that when you’re changing your routine, it’s a lot to change – and you don’t want to get overwhelmed (and end up giving up all together) the key is to do ONE thing at a time.

SOO plan to do some light exercises (based on what you normally do) – and don’t expect to be able to jump on the treadmill and start running major mileage when you haven’t done in for the past few weeks.


Ha – this is a funny one for me – because I noticed how my sleep schedule majorly shifted because of these oh – so wonderful holidays.  From sleeping later in the day to taking naps on Yom Tov it’s very different from waking up every day at 5 or 6 am! (not me – that’s my hubbys alarm clock :):))

SOOO getting your sleeping back to normal is important…. Once again – start slow. In the beginning yes it will be difficult to suddenly go to bed at 10 pm when you’re used to going to sleep at 2 am!!!! So start slow by winding down earlier than you would…. Shutting off your computer…. Doing more reading than you would …. And by winding down you’ll begin to re-train your body to get back into routine.  Don’t expect to be able to climb into bed and fall asleep immediately.

I think the number one thing to remember when getting back into your routine is this:


It is outright silly to think you can jump back in and clean your ENTIRE house and get back to “normal” in one afternoon! (as seen by my Facebook statuses of my friends who got too tired halfway through the dishes :):)) So go slow… take it easy … and remember that it will take a good few days / a week to get back into schedule …. So yes, you’ll feel tired during work / school… and you might like you’ve gained a thousand pounds over yom tov – but have no fear – after a week or two of normalcy the holidays will be a thing of the past … and before you know it we’ll be talking about Chanukah!!! Hehe :):)


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4 responses to “Holidays Are Over!!!! Tips On Getting Back to “Normal”

  1. rivkie

    October 4, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    after yom tov i ran three miles 🙂

  2. mrsduby

    October 5, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    do you usually run so much? or was this a spurt of adrenaline after the holidays ?


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