What is G-d Thinking?!

10 Aug

You ever ask yourself “What is G-d Thinking?!”

Sure you have! We all ask ourselves from time to time… “What are YOU Thinking????” – You – man upstairs! It really needs no explanation. We all have those times in life when we wanted something to go a certain way, and BAM – it doesn’t…. or when something insanely tragic happens and we’re left standing there with our mouths gaping not knowing what to do with ourselves.

Yes, we all have those scenarios – (I’ll give you all a minute to remember some :))

So, we all ask “What IS G-d thinking?!”

Since, I don’t have a direct line – nor an email address, I won’t attempt to answer our big question — but i would like to repeat something my hubby shared with me not too long ago.

Apologies for getting all biblical – but that’s where the story takes place.

In the beginning – in the Torah portion of Bireishis, we read the famous story of Cain and Abel. Cain was the bratty child, and Abel was the goodie two shoes. As the tale goes they each brought an offering to G-d Almighty, but G-d only accepted (or liked) Abel’s offering. We learn that Cain chose a sub-par offering, while Abel chose a pristine offering. And so as we all know, in a jealous rage, Cain kills Abel. (would make a good story for Hollywood no?)

As this might be a good story, or even a good murder mystery novel, there’s a big problem here. Why is this fair?? Abel was the GOOD guy .. and shouldn’t good guys win? You follow the rules, you try your best, you produce your best work, and BAM – you get killed! Where is the justice? (of course, for those Bible buffs, yes the dude gets punished for doing away with his brother, as well as Cain’s future generations – but I’m referring to the justice for Abel.)

Shouldn’t the good guy be the one who gets the wealth, the health, the happiness- aka – the good stuff?

I was chatting with my good friend the other day, and she was asking the very same question. In her words, “I do what’s right, I follow the rules and this is the crap I get to deal with?!” (ok she didn’t use the word crap – I added that in for dramatic effect :)) But the point is clear – the sentence should look like this:

I’m a good person, I do what’s right therefore I deserve and receive goodness in the world.

Sadly that’s not always the case.

Ok, now that we understand the question, let’s look at the answer.

The holy Chofetz Chaim asks this very question and gives a short but quite inspirational and uplifting answer.

G-d is telling us RIGHT in the beginning of creation – before anyone gets any funny or enlightened ideas: “This is MY world. – I am running things MY way. Don’t even BEGIN to try to understand any of it.”

In the beginning, before we get into the nitty gritty of the Jewish people’s history – right away – G-d lets us know, very loud and clearly that HE has the whole world figured out and we mortals will never truly understand it. Does it make sense that the “good die young” or “nice guys finish last?” Hell no – but that’s exactly it – G-d is telling us that we won’t understand it, and we shouldn’t try.

Ok, maybe it shows that G-d has a perverse sense of humor and we are nothing but pawns in his Game of Life — but I’d like to concentrate on the fact that everything is in his hands, and he carefully arranges our lives in a way that only He knows is best. This can give us a sense of faith and hope that there is a reason for all this “stuff.” All the “crap” we can’t understand, or can’t explain or can’t even validate because “how can a G-d exist and let that (insert tragedy) happen?”

With this story, G-d lets us all know from the get go – that things might look tragic, or confusing, or so darn infuriating …. But he also lets us know that its ok, because He has it all figured out. From the big stuff like where we come from, and how our lives turn out, all the way down to the little leaf that blows in the wind to land and give shade to the small insect in the sun.

I’d like to dedicate this post to those people out there who are asking themselves this very question at this very moment in time. 🙂


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3 responses to “What is G-d Thinking?!

  1. william wallace

    August 11, 2010 at 7:28 am

    We start with the wrong perception that WE as I / are the body
    which of course wrong / the WE as I / in reality are the essence
    of the power that created universe / the power that is / ever be.

    As of the material world one goes through the progression of education / from nursery unto university if one be fortunate
    then will have a good education. As it be with understanding
    of ones spiritual education there but nursery unto university
    levels of development in spiritual understanding /experience.

    When I say spiritual development don’t mistake spiritual with
    that of religious religious organizations / religious ideas beliefs
    etc etc etc / Spiritual development is not geared to learning of
    a fictional heaven where go on the death of ones mortal frame
    spiritual development is linking to the power of experience in
    balanced understanding experience/ whilst in human frame.

    It important to understand spiritual development is not giving
    anything it but spiritual teaching takes focus back unto the self
    which being long hidden under a pile of material gains / needs
    as wants one having accumulated in life (as lifes) one is taught
    as guided in turning the senses inward // where they in having
    been so long focused only upon the material realm ( many cases
    only on the material realm // or with religious organizations an
    belief of going to a fictional heaven on death of the mortal frame.

    At present in the material world humanity is fortunate that we
    have (prem rawat) whom not only a spiritual teacher (but He’s
    of such spiritual level / that h the teacher of teachers ( thus its
    a period of of time for humanity where humanity being blessed.

    On pc search put in (words of peace) as (prem rawat foundation)
    both sites have videos of (prem rawat) speak at depth of spiritual
    development / the spiritual growth in understanding experience.

    I do add in ones focus so long having the senses in the material it
    one must learn in turning the senses inward/ at start of learning
    one must start to slow down/ thus even to listen to another speak
    omne can hear little of being said / as the mind but racing so fast
    hence try concentrate as to what (prem rawat) speaks of / watch
    the same video again and it will show how much you missed the
    first time in watching it // as with spiritual teaching one being
    taught in controling the senses / where once more in command
    one but balancing material focus / as of ones spiritual focus with
    much more // understanding as experience then being revealed.

  2. mrsduby

    August 11, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    hi William,
    thank you so much for that thought out comment! You seem to have a lot of ideas about spirituality in our very materialistic world.

    i hope i will get to hear from you again !

    Thanks for reading,
    Duby Litvin
    5 Pillars of Health


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