Life is a Balancing Act – Part 3 – Jugglers Just Don’t Get Paid enough

08 Aug

I received a comment from my brother on my earlier post – Life is a Balancing Act – Part 1. (To read that post click here) His comment was so well written and thought out that I decided my loyal readers should have the opportunity to read it. Below are his observations, followed by my own two cents and remarks.

My brother’s comment:

“I’d like to add that the words “juggling” and “balance” are largely misunderstood. So to clarify for the sake of your dear readers – juggling; is where you are holding one too many things (at least) for your hands to carry, so you throw one (or more) items into the air to devote your hands’ real estate to the one or two items in your hands – then – the next item comes down, and you do the same thing all over again.

Now, is that how we want to live our lives!? Throwing everything important to us, and the people we care for, into the air and deal with the constant pressure not to drop anything that we’ve set in motion?! (ever wonder how people feel when they know they’re the ones being juggled.)

Event more important to notice is; the juggler never looks at the items in their hands, rather the ones in the air – this shows you, when you try to juggle and balance more than you can handle you never truly are spending ANY time with any of it! instead you have become a side show, you life becomes nothing more than keeping something in motion that has no end for itself. How truly sad.

But what’s the solution!? We are all busy and have so much to do? We can’t just drop everything and live on a mountain top with one thing, can we?

No, we can’t. But what you can do is live in this moment, and focus on the one (not two!) things in our hands at this very moment and give it our all, and then move on to the next thing, and then the next thing, one by one by one, make each day, each moment, your signature masterpiece.

This is one of those ancient pieces of sage wisdom that has been forgotten by our generation because it sounds so simple and silly and most of all cliché, that we pass it by and look for a better way to JUGGLE! After all, that’s much more entertaining to watch – don’t you agree?

Your thoughts?”

Duby’s Words of Wisdom 🙂

You are 100% correct in your observation and I would like to continue to elaborate on this. The term “juggle” is highly misunderstood and ultimately misused. In our discussion, when a person is juggling their way through life, it is essentially a sad sad way to live and certainly NOT healthy. As you mentioned, a paid juggler is never actually “holding” any of the balls he’s juggling because he’s constantly throwing one in the air while focusing on transferring the next ball to his other hand.

Metaphorically speaking, this is someone who has their hands in everything, yet is never truly focused on anything. We all know the friend (or husband hehe) who we try to have a conversation with – but as we are talking, the listener is on his (or her) blackberry: sending a text, replying to an email, installing a new app all the while downloading his latest bank statement in order to pay the latest credit card bill. A Juggler is the ultimate multi-tasker. From the outside perspective – he gets a lot done – but from the inside – he’s not a very focused person. Granted, one doesn’t necessarily need laser sharp focus to download the latest Ipad app – but you DO need focus and attention when it comes to the real important things in life, such as your children, spouse, friendships and so on.

To digress a teeny bit, all this talking about juggling – reminds me of a great analogy my friend once told me. She called it her “crystal ball” theory.

“Crystal Ball Theory”

We all have a set of crystal balls and each are labeled: family, friends, career, health, children, money etc. Of course each person has their own set of balls, (hehe) and each of them are labeled differently. My friend came to realize often times in life when there is a crisis, or a difficulty, we must put down one or two (or all) of our crystal balls in order to concentrate and focus on only one – the one that needs help. So, at that point in time my friend was going through a health issue, and she needed to set aside her “friendship” ball and concentrate on her health. Unable to socialize as much, her friends essentially were put on the back burner for a while. Another person may be experiencing financial difficulties and therefore his priority must focus on his “career” ball.

The point is that sometimes people or things need to be “put away” for a while in order to deal with the current situation. Here comes the hard part. When the crisis or difficulty is over – and the person is able to resume and pick up all his/her “balls” again – often times, it’s not so easy to pick up where you left off. Friends might feel hurt, or abandoned, etc. Obviously, the truest support system are those friends who will have stuck by you the entire time regardless if they were shelved for a little while.

Now, getting back to our above commentary.

We Only Have 2 Hands!

My brother makes an excellent point – we only have 2 hands. (count them – one, two) and so, as simple it sounds, that is how many things you are able to deal with at once. (technically 4 hands if you count your spouse’s hands 🙂)

My aunt, who I worked with for a little while, told me her motto when it comes to her job. She said simply “I’d rather work really hard on one program, making it a huge success and draw a large crowd; than spread myself thin by creating many small programs, with a smaller chance of their individual success.” I thought it was brilliant. We often want to have our hands in all the cookie jars…. But is that really the best idea? Wouldn’t it be better if we focused our energy and time into what we are working on right now, one thing at a time, make it a success as opposed to juggling all the balls, barely looking at them, barely touching them? If we constantly juggle things and people, how can we be sure that we are going to be able to keep it all afloat?

Well my friends, this concludes our segment on “Life is a Balancing Act.” Of course, this was just a drop in the bucket when it comes to learning tips and the advantages of living a balanced life – and I hope I shed some light on the subject. There is no doubt that living with balance certainly shows on a person’s health and wellness.

Thank you Yitzchok Dubov for your commentary. If you are ever in the mood of writing a guest post, you know where to reach me 🙂


2 responses to “Life is a Balancing Act – Part 3 – Jugglers Just Don’t Get Paid enough

  1. Yitzchok

    August 10, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    thank you for the invite – but as you know we have a family blog to propagate 🙂 – i’ll be posting this there too…

  2. mrsduby

    August 10, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    ok ok i can understand.
    ps – wrong forum, but i’ll mention here as well – in the weekly emails there should include “new blogs” and “new pictures..”


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