Life is a Balancing Act Part 2 – Why Are You Still Fat?

29 Jul

We all know THAT person (and if you don’t any, then you probably ARE the person :)) who diets incessantly, and is forever at the gym, but they are still very overweight. I’m not talking about an extra 10, 15 pounds – I’m talking about those people who work extremely hard to lose their big chunks of weight, and it never seems to happen.

Why is that fair? And what REALLY is going on?

We also ALL know a person who somehow is able to eat like a pig, or nosh like a pig, and they are still skinny as can be. In fact, a guy my hubby works with is a HUGE nosher. He hates vegetables (and according to his wife, won’t TOUCH anything remotely healthy) and lives on Hersheys, Snickers and anything chocolaty or has Candy in the title. And yet, this guy is thin as can be and never gains an ounce. And then you have me – who if I eat one piece of pasta, I blow up like a balloon! So what exactly is going on here?

Well, I did some thinking about this whole concept and I came up with a theory. Lo and behold, I was very impressed to see that Dr. Andrew Weil agrees with me! (Dr. Weil is a famous American author and physician best known for establishing and popularizing the field of integrative medicine) So thank you Dr. Weil for proving my theory correct!

The theory is based on an equation – and that’s impressive enough, because I have always hated math.

It looks like this:

Nutritious Diet + Exercise + balanced hormones = healthy weight

Ok, so suppose you got the diet part right, and you’re very good at hitting the gym – but yet the weight is stubborn and not moving. I suggest, (as does Dr. Weil) it could be a hormone issue. And nooo I’m not talking about PMS or another kind of “female” problem. I’m talking about the plethora of hormones in our body that regulate our metabolism, appetite, breakdown of nutrients which ultimately controls our weight.

Dr. Weil discusses a “metabolic syndrome” where our diet and lifestyle might just be a symptom of “insulin resistance.” This imbalance of insulin essentially affects the brain CAUSING people to overeat and be overactive. The good news is that we can restore our healthy insulin levels and sensitivities through diet modifications and increasing our exercise. He believes that this will help our hormones eventually balance out which will then control how the brain triggers our appetite. – and then, hopefully lose weight 🙂

According to Duby (that’s me) – I wondered why Dr. Weil didn’t (in this specific interview) address another common problem amongst many Americans today: (drumroll please..)  The Thyroid. The thyroid is an extremely temperamental little bugger and many many people can have an imbalanced thyroid without even knowing it. Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism and is prone to many problems. Sometimes the thyroid produces too much or too little hormones. A thyroid condition does not automatically mean the person will have weight problems, but often times a problem with the Thyroid leads to a problem in weight.

True story. As part of her routine check up, my friend’s doctor did a blood test to check if she had an issue with her thyroid. The blood test came back negative – and all was right with the world. Well, some time later, someone suggested she go to a kinesiologist for another issue she was having, and guess what my friends? With a little muscle testing, the kinesiologist told her that her thyroid was in fact testing weak. It hadn’t shown up in the blood work, but the kinesiologist was able to pick up on an irregularity there. Like I said, often times we don’t even realize where we might have an imbalance somewhere.

So, I came up with a small list of possibilities for why you’re still fat! (I did not include in this list the obvious – such as eating all those Krispy Kremes :):))

Issues with food you might have overlooked

1. Portion size

2. Unhealthy dressings, sauces

3. WHEAT – (many have intolerances to WHOLE WHEAT –and while it may be considered healthy, is at the TOP of the list of intolerances)

4. Fruit drinks

5. Blood Sugar irregularities

6. You’re a woman (women have less muscle mass (aka more mushy) so its automatically more difficult for us females to lose weight)

7. Underactive or overactive thyroid

8. Insulin irregularities

9. Lower resting metabolic rate **

10. Antibiotics – YES Antibiotics can cause weight gain

11. And my all time favorite: The pill. The birth control pill CAN cause water retention – which leads to weight gain. So no matter if you spend 3 hours on the elliptical, and all you eat is lettuce – the scale won’t budge. 🙂

**if you have a lower resting metabolic rate, your body spends fewer calories maintaining your body at rest than someone your size with a higher rate. And, if your body is metabolically efficient, it burns fewer calories while in motion.

Join us next time as we continue our discussion on “Life is a Balancing Act” – Part 3

Read Part One here.

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