Duby’s 8 Ways to “Bringing the Balance Back”

27 Jul

If you’re feeling frazzled, or overworked, or maybe you just get the sensation that something is not ‘balanced’ in your life – here are some tips to bring the balance back!

  1. Start with a healthy meal. Ever notice that after eating wholesome and nutritious food, you feel better at the end of the day? Of course you do! Our food is the ABC’s of getting our health in shape – with the foundation strong, its much easier to fix the rest of the building. Same goes with what we put in our bodies…. Put away the chips & ice cream and grab a salad!
  2. Shut off the computer and TV. While you may think zoning out is just what you need after a long day  – the answer does not lie with Conan OR Jay – but rather with a nice cup of tea (or lemonade in the summer) and some quiet. A few cleansing breaths and quiet moments will help calm the noise that has been drumming in your head all day.
  3. Stop the long hours at work!!!! Yes, I know you want to get that report finished – but don’t sacrifice your health for it! Leave the office at a decent hour. (That’s an order :))
  4. A little routine will help – if you get up early and get to bed early, you will feel more “together.” A good friend of mine taught me this one actually. I had been sleeping late and it seemed that my whole day just never went right. Well, she suggested I try getting up extra early – and voila! My productivity shot up, and I felt great. The same applies to proper meal times. Instead of constantly eating on the go, set aside chunks during the day as meal times. And don’t forget to include in a bedtime in your routine!!
  5. Exercise – yeah yeah – its cliché’d – but exercise will help you sleep better, think clearer, and raise confidence!!!! It’s a win win situation! So get on that treadmill 🙂
  6. YOGA!!!! Yoga is the perfect choice for bringing peace and harmony back into your life. The Asanas and breathing techniques are specifically designed to help ground you and bring you back to your center. Your body will thank you !
  7. Pray a little – I don’t mean going to Shul – but rather take a few minutes for some tehillim, or maybe some other prayers. Remember that you don’t run the world (even though sometimes it feels like you do :)) When you pray with pure intention and concentration to a higher being you will feel the relinquishing of fears and anxieties.
  8. Last and certainly NOT least – have fun ! Whether its getting a manicure, playing ball with your little siblings/ nephews etc., or going snowboarding or just taking a day off and going to the amusement park – whatever it is that you find fun and enjoyable – go do it !!!!!

What are your ways of Bringing the Balance Back?? Please share your ideas and tips in the comments section below.


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