Life is a Balancing Act – Part 1

22 Jul

The idea of “Balance” is what really drew me to start the 5 Pillars of Health. I always had an interest in health – but blogging solely about healthy eating or doing Yoga all day just didn’t appeal to me. Deep down I have always believed that even the best dieters or fitness gurus could be living a very unhealthy life – simply by avoiding this key ingredient: BALANCE.

I am here to tell you that this is the crux of the 5 Pillars of Health. TRUE HEALTH DOES NOT EXIST UNLESS YOU ARE BALANCED IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

The reason why I stumbled upon this ever so fascinating concept is because this is something I greatly struggled with (and still do). For a very long time I lived a very unbalanced life. I was a workaholic (which I will devote an entire post or two for this topic alone), and although I was eating pretty healthy and exercising regularly, the word “relax” was NO WHERE in my vocabulary.

Funny but true story:  When I was dating my darling hubby – I remember feeling that we constantly needed to “do” stuff together. Always on the GO. Museums, clubs, shows, movies, eateries – I somehow believed that in order to spend quality time together we needed to DO stuff together. Boy was I wrong. My dude had to TEACH me that it’s ok to just be together and not run around to every tourist attraction. Ironically, one of my best memories of that time was an afternoon spent in the park on the swings… it was a gorgeous sunny day and we just sat in the grass…. Awww :):) My point people is that balance is important in all areas of life.

Ok, so here in part 1 let’s talk about something many of us know and preach but sadly don’t practice.


We all know a “wonder woman.” Someone who has an awesome career, a handful of kids, a spotless house, and her whole life looks all “together.” Well, my dear folks, I am here to tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE. It is physically impossible to do it all!!! Unless there is a nanny, a housekeeper, a maid, a driver, an assistant etc etc etc… it is impossible for anyone to juggle all those commitments and still remain sane :):).

The obvious question is WHY? It seems that many of us can handle it all just fine, right? Whether it’s our careers, or maybe our university course load, our volunteer work, personal projects – and on top of that a handful of kids – if we schedule it right, and make good use of Time Management – WHY CANT IT WORK? Especially, if we are blessed to have a loving husband to help with the housework? I know too many women who have this attitude that believe: “With a beautiful To Do List it IS possible to achieve it all, and do it all with grace.”

Yes, I guess on some level, it IS in fact possible to be able to juggle all those responsibilities and then some. I’m not naive, I know that if scheduled properly it IS possible to go from one meeting to the next and still be able to make it to your kids’ school on time for dismissal… hey, I did it myself – and was quite proud of it…. I won’t list everything I was involved in, but I will say my plate was beyond full and I was handling it perfectly. Or so I thought. The bottom line is that the problem with this “juggling game” is that:


Let’s repeat that for those of you who might not have heard me:


Remember that “wonder woman” who lives down the block from you? Well, did you know that in order to get her kids into bed, she is screaming and yelling and has completely lost it, because she hasn’t slept in about 5 nights? Oh, and that other “wonder woman” who is related to you? The one you’re constantly jealous of for being able to have it “all together?” (yes, you know who I’m referring to) – well did you know that she constantly gets colds, flus, strep throat and other infections – which means she’s constantly popping Tylenol and other pills just to keep going? And ya know that OTHER wonder woman – the one we all hate? (hehe) – well ok, she isn’t popping pills – because she has ‘perfect’ health (so it seems), and she doesn’t yell at her kids, but did you know that her relationship with her husband is so rocky it’s a miracle they’re still together? She’s so busy doing her millions of projects and staying on top of things that there is simply no time or energy left for her marriage.

Ok, so maybe YOU are not popping pills, and as far as you know your marriage is still strong Thank G-d… but if you take a few minutes to really contemplate everything you have on your plate and ask yourself:

What is suffering? Is it the kids? Is it my friendships? Maybe it’s my health that’s suffering?

Many of us get into this mode where we keep piling more and more on our plate and we don’t realize how full they already are. All these projects and work related activities might be wonderful and positive and we feel so altruistic and accomplished – BUT – when we live with an overstuffed plate – it will always come with a price. The question ultimately is – “what is that price?”

Let’s face it folks. Life is a constant juggling game. Regardless of how many jobs we have, there’s always balancing that needs to be done, and in my next post, we will begin to discuss how an imbalanced life affect our personal bodies and health.


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3 responses to “Life is a Balancing Act – Part 1

  1. Yitzchok

    July 23, 2010 at 1:37 am

    Very important post!

    I’d like to add that the words “juggling” and “balance” are largely misunderstood. So to clarify for the sake of your dear readers – juggling; is where you are holding one too many things (at least) for your hands to carry, so you throw one (or more) items into the air to devote your hands’ real estate to the one or two items in your hands – then – the next item comes down, and you do the same thing all over again.

    Now, is that how we want to live our lives!? Throwing everything important to us, and the people we care for, into the air and deal with the constant pressure not to drop anything that we’ve set in motion?! (ever wonder how people feel when they know they’re the ones being juggled.)

    Event more important to notice is; the juggler never looks at the items in their hands, rather the ones in the air – this shows you, when you try to juggle and balance more than you can handle you never truly are spending ANY time with any of it! instead you have become a side show, you life becomes nothing more than keeping something in motion that has no end for itself. How truly sad.

    But what’s the solution!? We are all busy and have so much to do? We can’t just drop everything and live on a mountain top with one thing, can we?

    No, we can’t. But what you can do is live in this moment, and focus on the one (not two!) things in our hands at this very moment and give it our all, and then move on to the next thing, and then the next thing, one by one by one, make each day, each moment, your signature masterpiece.

    This is one of those ancient pieces of sage wisdom that has been forgotten by our generation because it sounds so simple and silly and most of all cliché, that we pass it by and look for a better way to JUGGLE! After all, that’s much more entertaining to watch – don’t you agree?

    Your thoughts?

  2. mrsduby

    July 23, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    wow, what an insanely awesome well thought out comment!!!!!

    Its true what you say – Juggling & Balancing are two totally different terms . you gave me a lot to think about and in order to give your comment justice, i will dedicate an entire post on this exact issue.

    Do i have your permission to re-print parts of your comment ?

    thanks for reading !

    duby 🙂


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