From our Inbox: “Why the Rush?”

13 Jul

Dear Duby

I love your blog!!! You’re such a good writer! Your style of writing is so easy to read and enjoyable  and well written. I have a question for your blog. Why the rush? Why do people always have to rush about their day? Their life… everything is always a rush. Why cant we all just take a deep breathe and chillax a bissle ??

Chaya K.

Dear Chaya K,

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to continue to educate and entertain at the same time! 🙂

Now, onto your question: Quite simply – the reason why we are forever “rushing” is because we have been programmed that way.  The fact is that we have been programmed to constantly RUSH because we have been taught to always be BUSY… to continuously be doing, running, going, multi tasking, accomplishing and on and on and on. And if not, it means we are doing something wrong or bad.

How did this all happen?

Have you ever watched Little House on the Prairie? After dinner each night the Ingles family would sit around their little living room.. Pa would play his violin, Ma would do her sewing and Mary would read a story to Laura and Carrie… the theme here is that after dinner everyone was relaxing and winding down till bed time. The sun sets and that means working on the farm is over for the day. In other words: Time to sleep! Obviously our society isn’t like that anymore. We have evolved so much from the times of the settlers.

Forget the basic electricity that allows us to work all night if we want to…. Lets talk about our blackberries – every time we hear that notification – we run to read our texts, our emails, our chats, our tweets, our BB messages and more. And our attitudes follow suit. There’s no such thing as sitting around the living room chatting or reading our bedtime stories… we always have to be working and doing.

Ultimately we have been programmed to be constantly running – like a computer that’s on all day. We wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is check for missed calls or emails… before we go to bed, we do the same. Our brains are constantly in overdrive and this translates into our bodies. (this is also why many of us have the problem with being too wired at night to fall asleep!)
Consider this example: imagine you’re a college student (because I know you are ;)) and you’ve just graduated with your associate’s degree. Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to switch gears for a little while and take some time off. Maybe you want to travel, or just relax for a little while? Maybe you decided to actually go to work before finishing your degree? I would bet my life that some of your friends and/or family members were surprised at your deciding to “take some time off.” Guaranteed you have heard comments that you should keep working at your degree! Finish it now before other things get in the way… maybe people were just puzzled that you would want to “take some time off” without a really good reason. You received a very clear message that taking time off is a bad thing.

Our society sadly doesn’t promote relaxation and simply being. No, instead it encourages working around the clock, constantly being “plugged in,” always accomplishing – and doing.

But Chaya my dear, we are human “beings” not human “doings.”

I hope this answers your question,

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