Why Don’t We Listen??

11 Jul

Ok, really the title should be “Why don’t I listen?!” – but I felt that if it applies to me, I’m sure it can apply to many of you out there as well.

Picture these three scenarios.

Scenario 1:

I have a small headache. I knew it was because I hadn’t slept well the night before but it wasn’t too bad so I just ignored it and went about my day. My hubby smartly suggested I take a nap – but like a brat I held firm in the fact that I didn’t want to – and kept going along my day. By 9 pm I had a pounding pounding migraine – for sure thinking I was going to have a brain aneurysm – and this time even the “pop a pill” method didn’t seem to work and now I COULDN’T go to sleep because I was in such pain. 😦

Scenario 2:

I have small cough / cold. It’s not too bad – and wasn’t serious enough that I needed to “stay in bed all day.” I took some extra vitamin C and some tea but otherwise my schedule remained the same. It was chilly and rainy outside and I knew that I should probably stay indoors but I promised my friend I’d go with her to this workshop thingy majiggy and I HATE breaking commitments and so I went. Well, lo and behold, the next morning I woke up with a much WORSE cough/ cold and I was forced to stay in bed for a good few days! 😦

Scenario 3:

I twisted my ankle while babysitting (aka: running) after my little niece and nephew. It wasn’t too bad, as long as I didn’t put too much pressure on the foot and was careful. Slight problem. I HAVE to go to this engagement party – and EVERYBODY will be there and I really want to wear my “sexy” heels. Yeah yeah, I could wear flats, but my foot isn’t hurting TOO badly, and I think I’ll be ok. Well, guess what? After a night of standing in my heels (as gorgeous as I looked) – it didn’t look so gorgeous the next morning when my ankle swelled to the size of a watermelon and turned purple! I was then forced to stay on the couch with my ankle seriously elevated and was barely able to limp to the bathroom. 😦

So, what do all these scenarios have in common?

We don’t listen to our bodies! Our bodies talk to us on a constant basis and yet we just don’t listen. (and when I say “WE” –  I’m really talking to “ME” hehe) When we haven’t eaten all day, our stomachs grumble sending us the message loud and clear: “I’m HUNGRY FEED ME!” and of course we listen (most of the time) – but yet when our bodies tell us other messages – such as “Here’s a headache to let you know you need to take it easy today.” Or “You’re feeling a little feverish – time to take a day off work” – and many other messages that I cant even enumerate, probably because we ignore them!!!! We tend to take the approach of “oh its not so bad, I’ll just pop an extra strength Tylenol – I have a lot of work to do…” and so on…

One of the greatest things about our bodies is that it sends us little messages to let us know BEFORE it’s a problem. That teeny weeny headache is a sign you may need to take a rest … that cough/sniffle feeling may be a sign that you should bundle up and stay warm to help your body fight whatever it is its fighting. But truthfully speaking, how often do we REALLY listen to what our bodies our saying? Sadly, we often wait too long, till the messages CANT be ignored – and then we are forced to listen because it’s a much more serious situation.

Sometimes I joke that my “stomach is mad at me” because of that Chinese food from the night before.

So our (yours too) homework for the week: What is your body telling you?

Is it “mad” at you for eating something? Is it feeling a little sluggish because you haven’t exercised? Or perhaps its telling you to take a freakin break for once and just rest?

Yep, its time to shut up and start listening for once …


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4 responses to “Why Don’t We Listen??

  1. Shmully

    July 11, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    As always, stellar post darling!!

    It’s always nice to hear you admit that I am right, and especially online!
    Keep up the great work.

  2. mrsduby

    July 11, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    hi Shmully,
    i can always count on you for a great comment.

    thanks for reading.

    Maybe if i talk about you more in my posts – that means you’ll end up commenting more ?? :):)

  3. Chaya

    July 12, 2010 at 2:32 am


    My body is telling me to go to sleep. BUT I just got a personal email from the editor of this blog. How can I go to sleep when my heart desires to keep reading on???

    Oh dilemmas….

    “Tomorow is another day” -Mama K

    I guess I’m off to bed. I have been inspired 🙂

    • mrsduby

      July 12, 2010 at 2:39 am

      Oy !!! my loyal readers !!!!!!! My initial reaction would be to tell you to stay up and read your very important 5 Pillars of Health blog :):):)

      However, in all seriousness — get thee to bed — tomorrow is another day – and we ALL Know that youre able to accomplish twice as much when youre fully rested…. (and its 10:39 pm as i write this :):)

      Sweet dreams –
      Thanks for reading!

      Duby 🙂


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