Grey Hair Woes ?

06 Jul

You Mean There’s Something GOOD about Grey hairs?

As I finish off my birthday celebrations — I decided leave you off with one final post about birthdays…. and it’s going to be about Grey Hairs! (bear with me :))

So my friends, I am legally 28 years old and I found 2 grey hairs. (the first one showed up I believe about a year ago, but I kind of ignored it and I thankfully haven’t seen it much) but in recent weeks / months I noticed it more clearly – and especially when its friend showed up !!!!!! They are easily concealable, but I knew they were there … and each time I’d be in the bathroom fixing my hair — they would STARE at me, mocking me … and wouldn’t leave!!!! Sure, I asked, begged, pleaded and said “I’m only 28!!! I’m not even 30!!! You DONT belong here!!! Go bother someone else … someone who’s an old geezer !!” but of course they didn’t listen, stayed put and moved right in.

I contemplated yanking them out …. well, basically every time we bumped into each other I would say “tell me why I should NOT rip you out ??!?!?!” but deep down I knew the famous wives tale (which I hope isn’t true) – that if you pull out one grey – another 2 grow in … I guess its like when you chop a snake in half – you get TWO snakes !!! oh joy 🙂

So my grey hair woes continued… and although I tried my best to ignore their existence, we both knew I wasn’t fooling anybody and they were there — yes they were there.

28 years old and I’m going grey. Ok, that’s not totally true, everyone has those one or two grey hairs — so I don’t have to freak out too much about long term situations – but the question I continued to ask myself: what do I do with them? The “greys” weren’t going to listen to reason and action needed to be taken.

About a week ago, while I was in the bathroom I asked myself “in keeping with the 5 Pillars of Health – what should my attitude be?” And suddenly it hit me. (quite literally because I dropped my hairbrush and it fell on my head) ….

The Greys are NOT my enemy!

I realized that these “greys” were not my enemy. Nor are those little wrinkles or laugh lines that people tend to freak out about. Nooooo – what do these greys show me? What are they saying? And it was quite eye opening actually… the greys, those 2 little white hairs that stick out in a mass of my brown hair — they so proudly proclaim and almost arrogantly say “you have lived.” You have SEEN things… you have been through good times, bad times, and times in between…. you haven’t just sauntered through life with ease… given everything on a silver platter like certain spoiled people … no way… you have LIVED… you have EXPERIENCED… you have WORKED … and for that — you have these 2 beautiful grey hairs to show for it … and I shouldn’t look at them as the enemy that needs to be tweezed and yanked and burned and get rid of any evidence of their existence….NO Way!

I have a friend – who I love dearly – very dearly – but often times she gets distressed over seeing how easy other people have it. She sees their ease with money, or job, or family situations – and she cries how her life is so difficult in comparison. How hard she must work while others it comes with such ease and without stress. While we ALL wish our lives were easy and breezy, and beautiful (like Cover Girl) — the fact is that REAL life isn’t like that and we all have difficulties in different areas. Whenever we hear great stories of marvelous heroes, authors, scientists, comedians — anyone “big” — isnt it more often than not that their “story” is one of strife and difficulty, hardship and toil?? (if you cant think of anyone like that – feel free to read a bio on JK Rowling)….

It’s like the famous saying “just as the caterpillar thought the world was over – he suddenly turned into a butterfly.”

My point is that I pride myself in my hard work and the challenges that life has handed me. What I am even more proud of is the fact that I live to tell about them with lessons learned and am a better person for it. And my 2 grey hairs to me represent that.

And after I realized all this, feeling very happy and content, I smiled a great big smile, confident and pleased – and then yanked those two little suckers from my head!!!!

Hey, I may be proud of my grey hairs, but I didn’t say I had to keep them!


Posted by on July 6, 2010 in Emotional Health, Mental Health


2 responses to “Grey Hair Woes ?

  1. Faye

    July 7, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Love this post, very beautiful. I went through a similar process with my wrinkles and chose to embrace them, I like the way you explain it. Enjoy the journey!

    • mrsduby

      July 7, 2010 at 12:21 am

      hi Faye,
      oh goodie ! It means someones actually reading :):)
      happy to know someone can relate …. (you wrinkles??? why do i have a hard time believing that!)

      thanks for reading!
      devo 🙂


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