A Spiritual Guide to Celebrating Your Birthday

06 Jul

So yes, we discussed the presents and the cake and all the fun / party stuff that happens when we celebrate our birthday, but now I think it’s time to take another approach to our very special day. And that is the spiritual aspects.

Let’s start with some basics. Our birthday is the day we were born… our soul was sent here to earth and that was the day our journey began. On this day specifically our energy or “life force” is renewed and therefore we have extra spiritual strength on this day. I was always taught that since we have this renewed sense of strength we can channel these energies and bless our friends and families. In other words, those funky cosmos are lined up JUST right and we can tap into its force. (sounds a bit like Star Wars no ? “May the force be with you…”)

In a certain aspect our birthday is like our own personal New Years. It’s the end of one year and a beginning of another…. so therefore, aside from the parties and the CAKE — its important to recognize that it really is a time to take stock.

Take Stock:

Where am I? What have I accomplished this past year? What areas do I need to work on? And of course – what do I want to focus on and accomplish this year? I often get a bit contemplative on my birthday (and I admit, sometimes a little melancholy) when I think about these questions. What do I want to do with my life? Am I still in the right direction heading towards my goals?

Resolution Time!

Just like we make resolutions on January 1st heading into the New Year – its really important to make a new resolution (s) on our birthday to help us start off our new year in the right direction.

Physical & Spiritual Resolutions:

Personally, what I like to do is make one or two “physical” resolutions – for example: eat healthier, be careful with finances etc… and then I also like to make one or two “spiritual” resolutions – be it praying more, being more careful in my relationships, or other kinds. To me this is one of the – if not THE most important part of our birthday. Its a special time when we get to sit back and really take look at our personal lives — our personal journey — and I think our birthday – our own new years is the perfect time to make the changes we want to – and with our renewed life force, we have the added energy to do it!

Seize the Opportunity!

I know some people think “spirituality” is kind of hocus pocus type of thing – but I never saw it that way and I like to seize the opportunity while I have it! That’s why on my special day, I spend extra time praying – concentrating on wishes and blessings for my friends and family … giving extra charity and try to do as many good things as possible…because who knows what little piece of extra goodness I’ll be able to tap into ?? Who knows what shift in the cosmos my extra prayers might cause? Whatever the case, I undoubtedly will not let a chance like that slip by me … would you?


Posted by on July 6, 2010 in Spiritual Health


2 responses to “A Spiritual Guide to Celebrating Your Birthday

  1. Shmully

    July 6, 2010 at 1:24 am

    If only I knew, I would just give you the time and space for reflection instead of gifts!

    Great a deep post, Happy Birthday!

  2. mrsduby

    July 6, 2010 at 1:32 am

    thanks for your comment Shmully!
    The truth is that ALL aspects of a birthday are important (cake included) — and so i decided to dedicate a post towards the spirituality of a bday so that its not overlooked.

    Thanks for Reading!


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