What I Learned from July 4th

04 Jul

I’m sitting on my front porch – it’s about 90 degrees outside, but the gorgeous kind of 90 degrees – with a breeze and no humidity and its late in the day, so it aint THAT hot, and I’m sitting and thinking about July 4th. Granted it’s difficult NOT to think about Independence Day since I’m listening to the sounds of a block party coming from a few streets over … filled with good laughs and funky music. (Rihanna for those wondering)

So as I sit here, I think to myself: July 4th is Great… BBQ’s, Watermelon, Red/White & Blue Ices and pool parties – it really is a wonderful little holiday. And I asked myself what can I (we) learn from July 4th? Each year we celebrate the day – diligently I might add – NOONE misses fireworks – but there’s gotta be something more to it than just the BBQs and Fireworks – and of course I came up with a great answer (if I may say so myself 🙂 )

Here goes:

The story of our independence all started with the infamous King George the 3rd. As far as tyrants go he was pretty bad and made the lives of the people in the 13 Colonies pretty miserable. I won’t bore you with all the historical details, but after being oppressed for far too long the 13 Colonies banned together and decided to fight the big bad British people. The few against the many!  And the rest you know – Revolutionary War, George Washington etc.. and July 4, 1776 they signed the Constitution. So, the first thing we learn from this story is about America’s resilience – actually Obama talks about this little concept ALL the time. That even through bad times, we have this inner strength to fight and to do what’s right – all in the name of freedom and justice.

And now, let’s take this wonderful concept and apply it to our 5 Pillars of Health.

“Fighting for our Freedom & Right”

We live in a society that follows certain attitudes and practices when it comes to medicine. I would even go so far and say that practicing holistic or alternative medicine is like swimming upstream in today’s society… imagine if you told your friend you were choosing not to vaccinate your child. “Youre NOT vaccinating?? Well, my kid cant play with your kid anymore..” and who knows what trouble the school system will give you. Suppose you choose to treat your child’s flu with herbal remedies, you might be considered weird, or strange or even irresponsible in the eyes of the masses. But the fact is that each of us – each and every one of us who sticks to our guns in believing in these holistic remedies; in believing that there are solutions to illnesses that DON’T involve surgery and suppressive drugs, we all belong to our own “13 Colonies” – and each time we stand up for what we believe – against the school systems, against the insurance companies and against our friends and family who have ostracized us– we our fighting our own Revolutionary War against the metaphorical King George. And although sometimes it seems we cant win the “war” because there are just too many damn British (haha!) – the fact is that we are doing it because we believe in fighting for our freedom- our freedom to choose that which we feel is the best for us and for our children.

And so my darling Pillar readers – on this July 4th day – let us remember that each and every time we continue to fight for our convictions (whether it be about health or any other belief in question) – each time we hold firm and not be swayed by the masses we too become soldiers in Washington’s army 🙂

And on that super sappy and cheesy note, I wish you all a very wonderful happy July 4th — now go enjoy your BBQ, fireworks, and day off !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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