My Birthday Wish List

28 Jun

So, continuing on in the “Birthday Zone” and Birthday related posts, today I would like to talk about another aspect of our birthdays that is oh –so fun to talk about: BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!!!!

Generally, people feel that their birthday is a time to splurge – buy for themselves (or receive) presents that they normally wouldn’t purchase any other time.. I suppose its all an attitude, birthdays are a time for indulging in things you don’t usually do. (and speaking of indulgences, here I am thinking about cake again :):)) Indulgence such as food, “its my birthday, I’ll have the second piece of pie.” Or indulgences such as presents “oh, its my birthday, I deserve this cashmere sweater..” And so on.

I don’t really have a problem with that attitude, because it IS good to spoil and pamper ourselves every once in a while. And for me, when it comes to hubby’s birthday, I am the FIRST one to go out and buy him the latest electronic gadget – be it the ipod, ipad, or whatever “I” is the latest and the greatest (cuz Lord knows hubby wants it!) the truth is that over the last few years, I don’t really give myself that indulgence anymore, because I don’t really believe in it .. and let me explain:

In years past, I would make a little list (be in mental, or literal) of things I want for my Bday, things I dream of getting with a big fat bow on it… maybe diamonds? Maybe a brand new computer or laptop… and I tend to think BIG and LARGE (it is both my greatest character trait AND flaw!) — but this year I took a hard look and asked myself,

“what is it that I actually NEED?”

Do I NEED a new pair of earrings? Do I NEED a newer or shinier camera/ laptop/toy? Do I NEED a little chatchke that will sit on my shelf, take up space, add clutter and get dusty? And thinking for about 2 seconds I realized that I don’t NEED any of these things.

A while ago, the famous blog – Zen Habits (– had a post about why Leo (the author) wasn’t planning on buying the new Ipad (when it came out). His simple reason was: I DON’T NEED IT. He didn’t say that he wasn’t going to buy it because the reviews weren’t good, or because its connections were slow – it all boiled down to a much simpler answer: I DON’T NEED IT.

You’re probably thinking “well, that doesn’t sound like a very fun birthday… no presents??” Hey, I didn’t say “no presents” – I merely am saying, that my room has enough crap in it … my shelves are overflowing with junk. My drawers are filled with wires and gadgets hooking up to the latest Wii and other computer games. My jewelry box is filled with jewelry I barely wear!!!! I should go and request MORE junk and MORE crap for my birthday?????? Im sure you’ve heard the saying: “Physical clutter leads to mental clutter.”

And so, this year, when I made my “list” of birthday wishes – I kept it quite small. I asked for a book that although I probably don’t NEED, I want to study it – – and I actually also asked for a bookshelf to hold all my books!!! (which in reality, I should probably be getting rid of some of those… but cant seem to part with any of those anytime soon :))

So my wish is that hopefully this year will be filled with lots of presents — not extra trinkets or mere physical possessions, but presents of good experiences and happy occasions… good memories and good accomplishments…. cuz truly, aren’t those the best presents of all ?

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