How To Have Our Cake & Eat It Too…

28 Jun

Can I have My Cake – And Eat It Too ??

Guess what my fellow readers??? We have officially entered into the “birthday zone”  – what I mean by that is that it is officially the time between my Hebrew and English birthdays – so technically it’s a 10 day/ 2 week span of PURE celebration and partying … and of course presents! (which I will be blogging about shortly :))

So while I am in the “Birthday Zone” I would like to talk about something that is very near and dear to many of us when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Something we can ALL relate to, and something that essentially we all have to deal with – and that my dear friends is CAKE. Its my birthday, and of course all I can think of is chocolate fudgy morsels of gooey goodness slathered with frosting and roses and candles that are so delectable and decadent that melt in your mouth and make you say “mmmmmm” yep – THAT kind of cake!!!! So my birthday is here, and of course I WANT CAKE!!!

WHAT AM I TO DO ??? Its really a huge problem … you see I have sworn off Sugar (for a whole loads of reasons – mostly because well, Sugar is BAD) … I don’t really want to do chocolate because its natural caffeine properties is a stimulant and it often keeps me up the whole night … and well, basically we all know that cake is just not exactly healthy and really doesn’t align with my “5 Pillars of Health” values now does it ?? So…. After some serious researching and fretting I’ve come up with some solutions to my problem and I’ve listed them below.

Ultimately our goals looks like this.

a)      Find a healthy alternative to the sugar infested cake that we traditionally eat on our birthdays

b)      We do NOT want to feel deprived or left out because we are “weirdly” healthy. (nothing sucks more than not being happy on our birthday because we’re “health nuts”)

And so, here is what I came up with:

1. Sugar Free Cheesecake

I actually LOVED this idea – and I got it from a member of one of my health forums. She suggested using Stevia (or Splenda) instead of sugar, and there are MANY sugar free cheesecake recipes out there … my husband and I actually have made some in honor of the holiday of Shavuos – and yes, it might not have been that scrumptious, and it isn’t exactly super duper healthy, but it still wasn’t that bad … so this one tops my list.

2. Gluten Free / Vegan Recipes:

While I’m not Vegan, nor do I have issues with Gluten, there are many recipes that fall under these categories that are naturally healthier… whether its less sugar, or they use healthier substitutes, this definitely sounded like a good idea

3. Sugar Free / Wheat Free / Dairy Free cake Mixes

Another idea I was given was checking out my Health Food store and see what they have to offer. And actually, they offer TONZ. They have many cake / muffin / pancake mixes that cater to your specific issue. SO if you’re interested in counting carbs, calories, fat, sugar, wheat, eggs, dairy (or all of the above) guaranteed the health food store will surely have something you can use.

Ok bare with me on this next idea:

4. Do away with cake entirely!

I hadn’t really thought of this idea until I was venting in a non-complaining (yeah right) manner to a friend last night how I was DYING for cake… when it suddenly HIT me … why do we need cake in the first place??? Will I feel like I haven’t celebrated properly if I don’t down pounds of margarine ? Will I feel like I’m going against YEARS of tradition? Well, it occurred to me, that I can celebrate JUST fine, and NOT feel deprived and STILL feel like I got a treat – I just need to think OUT OF THE BOX. And so, I came up with the idea:

  1. SMOOTHIES. You take yogurt (or even a little bit of ice cream, or maybe some milk depending on your recipe) – and even if you do have a spoonful of ice cream in there, the entire smoothie base is FRUIT!!! Yummy strawberries, mango, banana, kiwi .. I mean HELOOO??? Can anyone say YUMMY?!?!?!?!?! Sipping one of those bad boys certainly sounds like a heavenly and HEALTHY birthday treat to me !!!!!
  2. Another non-cake idea: FROZEN TREATS.

Back when I was a kid, my mom ALWAYS had frozen yogurt popsicles in the freezer… or frozen juice pops that we loved!!! They were easy to make (although Lord I don’t remember how J) but they were definitely yummy and once again, it was a treat. There are many healthy frozen fruit options and other kinds of frozen treats available in many supermarkets. But BE careful: Just because it says “made from REAL fruit” does NOT mean there is no added sugar or other crap in there… so AWLAYS read the ingredients and nutrition facts.

OK, well those are my ideas for now… I’m sure you all have plenty more ideas and I would love to hear them.

And as for me – I gotta get going because my dear friends, I, have a birthday to celebrate!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to meeee !!!!!!


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2 responses to “How To Have Our Cake & Eat It Too…

  1. rivkie

    September 4, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I say eat the cake and enjoy! at least once a year you should enjoy a piece of real cake 🙂

    • mrsduby

      September 4, 2010 at 10:12 pm

      hi Rivkie,
      thanks so much for your comment !!! yeah – at the end of the day – a piece of cake once a year certainly wont kill anybody – the problem when that “once a year” seems to happen ALL year !!!! :):)

      Keep reading!
      duby 🙂


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