A Post in honor of Father’s Day…

20 Jun

Rumor has it that Mothers Day is celebrated much more than Father’s Day is.. but I couldn’t just let Fathers Day pass by without a post right? I mean, I wrote a post in honor of the Mom – so shouldn’t I at least write a post in honor of the dad?

Makes sense right? Well, actually here was the hard part – when I thought of my dad, and how I should really post something big and huge in honor of him, my mind suddenly drew a BLANK. Oh Lord – here I have a wonderful dad and yet I have nothing to say about him? Doesn’t look very good now does it? So, I had to think… and then slowly it came to me …. My dad doesn’t DO grandeur … he just doesn’t do “Big” at all. And that’s why I can’t write grandeur or big… and really he’s a pretty simple guy… and truly we can learn a lot from his low key and pretty simple life.

He doesn’t spend:

From his underwear and detergent he uses… to the car he drives… he looks for dependability and durability over flair and panache. You’ll never find my dad shopping for fun, just to buy extra clothes or gadgets … and before he buys ANYTHING, he researches it, makes sure he’s buying the best kind, and for the best price… impulsive is NOT in this man’s vocabulary!

My dad in three words: Responsible, Dependable, & Organized:

While it may not seem like a compliment at first, my dad is seriously one of the most responsible and dependable people I know. If you had a spare key to your house – he’s the guy you want guarding it. Every day like clockwork for YEARS he went to work – never a minute late – and the amount of times he’s taken off from work for personal reasons I can probably count on one hand. (and that includes sick days)

While I pride myself on being organized and the master of creating To Do Lists – somehow my dad has everything filed away better than I ever could… he doesn’t really follow lists like I do, but his bills, his expense accounts and his papers are organized and run like clock work… its frightening actually. When my dad looks at his checking account – he doesn’t see the money that’s in there, but he sees exactly how its allocated, where every penny, nickel and dime is going and knows he doesn’t have random money floating around.

It’s the Little Things That Count

For many years, when my dad’s birthday rolls around my brother would call and ask me “what are we getting Daddy for his birthday?” And then he would go on to explain to me once again why it’s impossible to get this man a present! My dad doesn’t use much, he doesn’t like having extra things floating around the house and he’s happy with what he has – because he only has what he really needs (talk about living a Zen life!!) So what to get this man for his birthday? Well, over the years I’ve realized that to my dad – its not really the quantity but the quality… to my dad, just having lunch in the afternoon and spending time together would make him happy. Its not the huge gift certificates or the big presents that resonates with my dad, but the small things…. In today’s society we often jump to think of expressing our love through the BIG present but with my dad it’s the exact opposite.

Well there ya have it. My Dad in a nutshell… I could go on for pages more talking about all the wonderful things he has done for his family over the years, but if I do that Fathers Day will long be over by the time I finish 🙂

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddy’s out there!!!!!!!!

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