What’s So Great About Meditation Anyway?

14 Jun

What’s with Meditation these days? It’s almost like its “in style” to meditate … why is that? What does meditation actually do ?

Ok, so without getting into all the fancy shmancy language of why meditation is an awesome tool – let’s talk a little bit about our scheduled lives.

In a word: BUSY.

How many times do you chat with a friend, or a cousin, or an aunt and they ask you the following question: “So___ (insert name here) what are you busy with these days?” and then you proceed to answer them with the long list of all the things you’re BUSY doing….

Busy busy busy… whether its busy doing your work… your school work… busy doing stuff with your family… or busy doing your errands, everything is busy. I know its clichéd, but I gotta throw this in here: “we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS” – and unfortunately its so easy to get carried away with our daily tasks – as exciting as they are – or as much as we enjoy them – it ends up becoming all about what we are DOING. I’m sure you can think of someone in your life who always has to be doing something – they cant just sit still… or have free time. I have a friend like this – she is an awesome person and loves working and she cant STAND when her programs are finished, or shes in between projects. In fact, all who know her, will attest to the fact that she actually gets depressed when shes not involved in a MILLION things.

Herein lies the problem – and herein lies our solution. We have become wrapped up in a society that values our doing… doing doing doing… accomplishing… working … getting things done. Its this kind of lifestyle and attitude that causes us to get overwhelmed – and that’s where that “rat race” feeling comes from. That feeling that we are always running from one thing to the next. Constantly pushing ourselves to do more and achieve more – this leads to burn out – both mental and physical … and this is EXACTLY where meditation comes into play.

Simply, meditation is like mental recess. Its taking a break from our busy scheduled day… and not just a coffee break … but a REAL break. Its unplugging from everything that’s going on in the office and taking a mini vacation…. As if we were sitting by a beautiful calm and peaceful lake without a care in the world. Its where we close our eyes, ignoring everything and everyone around us and just enjoying being still. Enjoying the quiet, the calm and embracing it. Taking it a step further, by taking up a meditation regimen what ends up happening is that you end up internalizing that quiet and calm and your day (and life) are ultimately transformed.

So…. Have I sparked your interest in learning more about meditation??


Posted by on June 14, 2010 in Mental Health


2 responses to “What’s So Great About Meditation Anyway?

  1. Shmully

    June 14, 2010 at 5:43 am

    I totally agree! I love mental recesses. The only issue I have is that instead of using meditation, I space out. So I dimly lose focus of the world instead of focusing on a specific place. I look your follow ups in this field where you takes through some baby steps in meditation.

  2. mrsduby

    June 15, 2010 at 2:05 am

    hmmmmm i wonder if zoning out / spacing out accomplishes the same thing as meditation does. in my novice opinion – im going to say no, and heres why.

    With meditation – and a disciplined focus on the breathe, you essentially “force” your heart rate, blood pressure etc to calm down and slow down. While focusing on the breath you also ensure that you are focusing on your breathing and emptying your mind – while just “spacing out” can lead your brain to wander off – which is waht you DONT want.

    so while i think spacing out is fun and definitely healthy (you can come up with some awesome ideas just by day dreaming!) – you can reap a LOT of benefits by doing a specified mediation practice.


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