Be Careful What You Wish For….

11 Jun

Although this doesn’t technically fall under any of my specified 5 Pillars of Health – I couldn’t help but write at least a little something about this disastrous oil spill that we all have been following for the past 2 months…

We all know it’s a horrific and infuriating situation… we talk about the wildlife, the environment, who’s at fault etc etc etc….  I found myself glued to CNN (well mostly because I LOVE Anderson Cooper) but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen watching the reports and updates day after day. In the corner of the screen there was a small video of the oil gushing into the water with a counter of how many gallons were spilling … every hour, every minute, every second – as we were watching – more and more and MORE oil just spilling and spilling and destroying the waters – and all we can do is just watch in complete and utter horror and terror.

Last week I was sitting on my couch reading Time magazine – which of course had its cover story about the oil spill tragedy – and as I was reading the article, it suddenly hit me….

A few weeks ago, the Torah portion talked about how the Jewish people in the dessert complained to G-d about wanting meat. They were bored with eating the Manna day in and day out – and wanted meat. They wanted something more… something better… something more luxurious and so they whined and wailed to Moshe for meat. For those of you who know the tale in the Bible, knows that G-d basically answered them “you want meat?? I’ll give you meat!” (I’m sure you can just HEAR your mother telling you in that motherly voice: “you’re crying?? I’ll give you something to cry about!!!”) well, as the story goes, Meat was given to the people in the dessert – and it didn’t stop… birds and birds flooded… and the Jews ate… and ate… and ate…. And got sick… and many died. (I think)… ok, forgive me, I don’t remember ALL the details – but what I do remember is that they got EXACTLY what they wanted- but somehow it wasn’t exactly HOW they wanted it… and something that was once something coveted and valued, now became a plague and their worst nightmare.

And as I’m reading the holy Time Magazine, I couldn’t help but feel a certain connection..a similarity between these two stories. We Americans to some degree are spoiled… we’ve been told that we have a dependency on oil and we need to stop it… but yet we still want more and more oil… we feel we NEEED oil and will do anything to get it. So isn’t it a little eerie that we WANT WANT WANT oil – MORE AND MORE AND MORE of it … and guess what? We got our oil!!!! But yet, its not HOW we wanted it… and now we cant stop it! Gushing thousands and thousands of oil wasted… not helping us, but just like that meat in the dessert, its plaguing us. Well my friends  – we wanted oil… and we got it!

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