Everybody’s Working for the Weekend!

03 Jun

If you’re familiar with this popular 80’s song, then you might also relate to this feeling and attitude of “oh when will this week freakin end!” or maybe for you its more “when will this day end???”

I remember back in high school (many moons ago 🙂 ) I had a few classmates who were boarders. Like me, we were shipped off to Pittsburgh, and lived by different families, because for whatever reason our home town didn’t have a high school for us. A few times a year, be it a holiday or winter vacation – we were able to hop on a plane (or bus) and go home and see our families. One classmate of mine used to tell me EVERY day the countdown till the next vacation. “46 more days till we go home!” (I wont reveal where she was from, for you might be able to deduce who she is, so I’ll just say flying home for a quick weekend wasn’t really possible.) It was obvious she wasn’t enjoying her “boarding family” and well who actually ENJOYS school? And so, each day she counted down the days till she would be able to go home and really, that’s what kept her going. “only 3 more weeks…” etc etc.

We were standing by our lockers one day, and my classmate asked me “aren’t you looking forward to going home? Don’t you count down for when you can get out of here???” I honestly and sincerely told her: no. While yes, I’ll be excited to have vacation and see all my homies and get some time off – I don’t constantly look towards the vacations… I don’t look towards the weekend because I really enjoy it here. (here being Pittsburgh) And I really meant it. Granted I might have sounded silly, or weird, or a complete nerd face, but I was ok with it. Because I knew that I was enjoying each day, and living my life for TODAY and not just “for the weekend.”

So lets fast forward a few years….

How many of us look at the clock every 15 minutes wishing it would move faster? How many of us HATE Sunday nights and LOVE Thursday nights? How many of us wish the week would go a little bit faster so that we can breathe out, relax and enjoy the weekends? I suppose every once in a while, when things are a little difficult, or we’re going through a rough patch – its only human nature to want to fast forward it through so we can get to the good stuff – AKA – the weekend… but imagine if that’s how it is always? If every Sunday night you get a pit in your stomach dreading having to wake up Monday morning having to deal with a WHOLE new week ahead, well then, something is wrong isn’t there?

What kind of life are you living if you’re constantly wishing for the weekend? That means less than 50% of your week youre somewhat happy and the rest of it you’re miserable. Gosh, what an existence! Who wants to waste so much time being unhappy — working in an environment that you don’t look forward to? That you don’t enjoy your every day? True, in high school many  of us don’t have the choice, and we feel a bit stuck for 4 years in a boring classroom…. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t you want the rest of your life to be YOUR choice? Shouldn’t it be formed and shaped around what you LOVE and what you ENJOY doing?

So the next time you think you’re Working For the Weekend – (as I sometimes do) its time to remind ourselves that our whole lives should be the WEEKEND – filled with what we are passionate about .. and not just because we “have to.”

Now, go and enjoy your weekend !!!!!

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Posted by on June 3, 2010 in Emotional Health


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