Sometimes You Just Got To…

25 May

Without naming names, a darling husband of mine decided to play hooky from work today…. not because he was sick… not because he was having a fight with a co-worker… and not because I missed him too much and wanted him home with me 🙂 He took the day off to go to Great Adventures with his friends !!!!!

I cant even begin to describe how happy I am he did this … not many people just take off from their super important responsibilities in order to have a purely FUN day! The day was perfect – the sun was shining – not a cloud in the sky- a gorgeous summery day…. And he spent it on roller coasters and playing arcade games.

So good for you for adding fun and excitement into the daily routines… good for you for remembering that all work and no play is never good… and good for you for winning that big stuffed animal at the arcade for me !!!!

(at the moment of publication, we haven’t actually RECEIVED the stuffed animal yet, but we’re assuming there will be one :):))

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Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Recreational Health


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