Whole Wheat Wars

13 May

Sounds like a video game doesn’t it?

A game to play on the Wii or something….

Anyways, the other day my dad comes to me, all excited, and asks me if I ever heard of Dr. Oz? Well, duh, who hasn’t? My dad goes on to tell me about this amazing article written by Dr. Oz with his BREAKTHROUGH opinions about healthy eating. This all new – unbelievable – earth shattering – mind boggling (get it yet?) LIFE CHANGING —-

So what is this brand new idea of healthy eating????

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD! (whole grains)

Well no shit Sherlock  – where ya been the past 10 years?

Ya know those people who think they’re SOOOOOOOOOOO healthy cuz they eat their special “whole wheat bread” ? The people who think they’re holier than thou because they have found the fountain of youth…. Oh, and lets not forget to mention the fact that whole wheat bread has very little points on weight watchers, which makes it even MORE popular for those dieting people. I’m not gonna sit here and go into the benefits of eating whole grain breads, versus the waste of time, (and expanding waists), of eating white floured grains. We all know from our media that whole grains are better for us – and we all know that white flour is just stupid and lacks nutrients. (and if you didn’t know that, and are still allowing your kids to eat white bread for lunch – well, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!)

Basically, whole wheat bread is not necessarily the bees knees as they say. It really isn’t the end all – be all – most healthy grain out there. The next time you walk into a regular supermarket, walk down the bread aisle and READ the ingredients. READ the ingredients of the so – called “healthy” and “whole grain” breads… as a matter of fact – READ the labels on all the things in your grocery store that are considered “organic” or “good for you.” Between you, me and the holy Dr. Oz: it’s all bullshit. If there are ingredients you cant pronounce – its most likely not good for you! I’ll toot my horn a bit, but the bread I eat has a total of FOUR (count them) FOUR ingredients. FOUR!!!!!

The interesting thing about bread is that its such a slap in the face. Packages read “100% whole grain” and you think to yourself “well, hey, that’s pretty good. They always talk on TV and in magazines how whole grains are good for your heart and digestion.. wards off cancer etc etc etc” Well, shame on all those huge companies for misleading so many American people. But even more so, shame on YOU Americans for being gullible and silly enough to believe the multimillion dollar companies thinking they’re looking out for your health and best interest. (man, I could go on for hours about this topic)

Sticking to the bread issue though… I’ve actually sworn off wheat. Ok, that’s not 100% true. I will eat wheat, but I am EXTREMELY particular in exactly what kind of wheat and how much.

So you’re probably wondering a few questions. “what’s wrong with wheat if its whole grain?” and you’re also thinking: “well if you don’t eat wheat usually, and you don’t trust the whole grain breads in the supermarkets, then what exactly DO you trust, and what kind of whole grain DO you eat?”

Well, here I chuckle a bit – because I am NOT going to tell you. (I’m so evil hahaha!) The truth is that it is up to YOU to figure out, by reading, researching, and experimenting what REALLY is healthy (and not BS healthy) but real wholesome healthy grains for YOU to eat. It took me a long time to learn whats good, better, and best. Your research doesn’t begin or end in a supermarket – and probably shouldn’t take place in a supermarket at all! And don’t forget – one size does NOT fit all. Whats good for you may NOT be good for me…

Good luck on your search … and please please – stop blindly listening to Dr. Oz.

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