A Little Glee Goes a Long Way

12 May

I Confess, I was inspired by Glee….

I gotta tell ya, lately, I’ve been bored by Glee. The storylines aren’t that gripping, and while I used to rush to the remote when the show starts, or get excited to watch it the next morning on, now, I barely give the show any notice. Not only that, but what I do now is skim through the boring parts and mainly watch the songs – so that way I at least still know whats going on, and can enjoy the soundtracks more …

In any case, today, as I skimmed– I have to admit I was totally inspired by a story line. Rachel, the main character had come down with some sort of throat problem (I missed the “boring” part that explained what her ailment was :)), and this caused her to lose her voice completely, not allowing her to sing on tune at all.  The story goes that Rachel is moping around school, feeling like her life is worthless and completely over because she is no longer able to sing. Her friend Finn, seeing her despondence, takes her to meet a (very cute) friend who used to play football – until an accident at a game leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. He relayed his story how he had so much rage in him, and he tried killing himself because he felt his life was no longer worth anything. Over time, he learned that there were still things he was able to do- and he even found things he was good at – such as math – and even (drumroll…) he was good at singing!

So of course Rachel gets a kick in the pants and realizes that her life isn’t over just because she isn’t able to sing… yeah, I’ll admit I got a little teary eyed while watching it …

What part of that story was inspiring? Yeah – the usual – that there is always someone who is far worse than us – and we should be grateful for what we have. But actually, that wasn’t really what moved me. As this football player dude was telling Rachel how he wasn’t able to do anything anymore – I had a sudden thought come to mind: “he should talk!!” it came to me right away, that this guy is able to talk, and he should speak – go around – inspire people with his words! Teach people through your voice! Awesome idea, no?? It then dawned on me that it’s always so easy for me to come up with these grand ol’ ideas for everybody else… everybody besides me. I always talk about how I wish there were things I could do – but for one reason or another I cant. I constantly harp and obsess on what I cannot do … and how I want to do them.. And I bet we all do that to some degree or another. There are always things we wish we could do – but our talents, lack of money, or handicaps are holding us back.

Many blogs talk about how to achieve those dreams and goals – and making those realities. And yes, I fully agree in continuing to dream and continuing to believe that one day we WILL be able to do ALL those things we want to do … but what inspired me from Glee – was to realize that there REALLY are things we CAN do RIGHT NOW – as fast as I was able to come up with an awesome career for this paralyzed high schooler, how come it suddenly feels so difficult for me to proudly announce what I CAN do – despite my handicaps? Maybe its time I take a step back and think… what is it that I can do? What talents do I have that are being kept dormant because I am too busy harping on the things I am not able to do? And more importantly – why am I wasting my time, wasting my talents that I don’t even realize exist !!!!

Glee’s  episode ended with Rachel giving the dude singing lessons – because he loves to sing now. Goodness, he didn’t even take my advice !!! But I surely did … I remembered that while trying so hard to reach for the stars out there – and trust me, one day I’ll reach them – for now, I can be happy and fulfilled and accomplished by focusing on what I can do… and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find out some fun talents hidden that I never even knew about…

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