A Post in Honor of Mother’s Day

09 May

I’ll be honest here folks, I hate mothers day. Mothers Day completely sucks for someone who doesn’t have a mother – I guess similar to people who hate Valentine’s Day because they are single. Yep, Mothers Day is a crappy day – and no matter how many “motherly” people I have in my life (and trust me I have MORE than enough of those) – it still isn’t the same.

Although I never really remember my mom going overboard with making us eat organic, or only whole wheat bread, or strictly forbidding snack foods, there were a few attitudes on health that she instilled in us… I guess its only a little funny that my blog ended up being about health.

  1. Eat Fish – not meat. My mom loved fish…. and salad with a simple homemade Italian dressing. My mom would take an entrée of salmon over steak any day. Sadly, I didn’t really get this gene, as I take after my dad – a carnivore at heart. (but over time I’ve learned to love salad as well :))
  2. Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Roll Ups, Fruit by the Foot, and any other “fruit” that comes in a box is EVIL! We never, in our lifetime had these kinds of snacks or cereals in our house. Our cereals consisted of: Rice Krispies, Cheerios and Corn Flakes.. (and MAYBE Raisin Bran). I was always amazed when I would go to friends houses – and in “honor” of Shabbos, the kids were allowed a more sugary cereal… well, excuse me, but that is just pure bull shit. If its unhealthy during the week – its unhealthy on Shabbos. End of story.
  3. Marshmallow Fluff is the single most sinful thing a person can put in their mouth. I don’t remember how, but every time we experienced the white edible gluey stuff, there was this fear that came along with it that if we didn’t RUN to brush our teeth within minutes of swallowing – our teeth would automatically fall out.
  4. Although we had Equal, Sweet N Low and other kinds of saccharin stuff in the house – for purposes of morning coffees – my mother believed in “real” food. Yes, it might have sugar in it, but a cake with REAL ingredients is certainly healthier and more wholesome than a hydrogenated Duncan Heinz… it wasn’t until I was about 18 that I learned how to make a Duncan Heinz cake mix…

Those are just a few small things I remember my mom teaching us – and not necessarily with words – but more with actions.

Above all – more important than the sugary cereals, or snacks – the thing my mom instilled in me the most, and something I will ALWAYS be grateful for – was her stark attitude towards the world of Medicines, doctors, and vaccinations. I could write for pages and pages, possibly an entire book – on the attitudes I learned about these subjects. I am ever so thankful that I was taught these lessons young, grew up with the remedies and the know-how – unlike so many adult friends to who it is a foreign concept and shocking to find out the real truth of the medical community and conventional medicines.

We learned that ear infections can be cured with a sliced onion… we learned that a fever needs tea with remedies… we learned that the coveted vaccinations are not only unnecessary but ultimately dangerous…. We learned that Motrin, and Tylenol, have no business being given to children… and of course – antibiotics might help one symptom, but cause a plethora of others.

Sadly, even with her lists of homeopathic remedies, and multitudes of alternative practitioners, my mom wasn’t able to cure her own illness of MS. And so I sit here today on Mothers Day. Hoping to take the knowledge she imparted in me to the next step, build on what I’ve learned as a child… and continue to grow and understand the secret of ultimate Health.


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