So You Think Youre Healthy ?

01 Apr

On a scale from 1-10 how healthy do you consider yourself?

That high ey ? 🙂

Well if you’re reading this blog, I suppose that means you’re either interested in improving your health, or looking for more information to keep up with your already healthy lifestyle.. or the third possibility is that you couldn’t give a crap about health, and you’re just reading because you’re a fan of mine 🙂

Well I can tell you that no matter how you scored yourself,  you’re probably wrong.

(I’ll let that sink in for a bit)

The Webster’s dictionary (I’m a big fan of theirs) .. defines health as: “the condition of being sound in body, mind and spirit… especially freedom from physical disease or pain.”

What grabbed me the most was their second entry for the same definition. Health –  “Flourishing Condition.” Interesting … health isn’t just about being free from diseases, or “issues” as I like to call them – but it really is a state of “flourishing.” Life ultimately isn’t about “surviving” or “getting through the day.” Nope. Its about “thriving,” and “flourishing.” Yeah, you might not have cancer, or diabetes – and your cholesterol levels might be beautiful… but yet you’re far from living healthfully.

Therefore, I sincerely believe that health is more than just the physical aspects. I tend to agree with Mr. Webster on this – its about being sound in body, AND mind, AND spirit. Taking this a step further, there are actually 5 categories. I call them

“The Five Pillars of health”

They are:

–         Physical Health

–         Mental Health

–         Emotional Health

–         Spiritual Health

–         Recreational Health

The key thing to remember is that none are more important than the other. They’re all equally crucial and play a vital role in your vitality!

Each category is fascinating in its own right and there are multitudes of blogs on each subject !!! But instead of writing 5 different blogs on each different category – I think its important to combine them… this way we train our brains to look at our bodies, minds and spirits, not as independent entities that need “treating” or “diagnosing” … but to view ourselves as entire beings. When we view ourselves as a whole, we can truly understand how our entire being can live healthfully – and truly flourish & thrive.

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